TitleInventorUAIPDPatent StatusLink
Magnetic Supercapacitors
Dr. Yang-Ki Hong12-0013PendingProfile
Permanent Magnet Coupled Power Inductor for Multi-phase DC-DC Switching Power ConvertersDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq13-0002PendingProfile
Magnetic Exchange Coupled Core-shell Nanomagnets
Dr. Yang-Ki Hong10-0024PatentedProfile
High Q Factor Integrated Magnetic InductorsDr. Yang-Ki Hong14-0052PendingProfile
GHz Magnetic Chip Inductor with High Magnetic LossDr. Yang-Ki Hong15-0011PendingProfile
Non-rare Earth Magnets having Manganese (Mn) and Bismuth (Bi) Alloyed with Cobalt (Co)
Dr. Yang-Ki Hong11-0015PendingProfile