TitleInventorUAIPDPatent StatusLink
Remanent Magnetization assisted Self-Assembled Core-Shell Magnets for Magnetic Exchange CouplingDr. Yang-Ki Hong14-0002PendingProfile
Highly Conductive Nanostructured ElectrodeDr. Shanlin Pan, Dr. Arunava Gupta13-0050PendingProfile
Magnetic Antenna Structures
Dr. Yang-Ki Hong13-0024PendingProfile
Synthesis of Ultra-Thin NanoparticlesDr. Yuping Bao10-0028PendingProfile
Low stressed functional diamond filmsDr. Y. Kevin Chou09-0027PendingProfile
Silicone Based Biofidelic Human Skin SimulantDr. Vinu Unnikrishnan15-0017PendingProfile
Antenna Modules Having Ferrite Substrates
Dr. Yang-Ki Hong13-0005PendingProfile
Dual Polarized Magnetic AntennaDr. Yang-Ki Hong12-0032PendingProfile
Biodegradable Mg-Ca Alloy ImplantDr. Yuebin Guo11-0027PatentedProfile
M-type Hexaferrite Antennas for Use in Wireless Communication Devices
Dr. Yang-Ki Hong11-0005PatentedProfile
Through-the-earth (TTE) Communication Systems and Methods
Dr. Yang-Ki Hong09-0036PatentedProfile
Storage and Release Control of Admixtures in Concrete through Hard EncapsulationDr. Jialai Wang15-0016PendingProfile
A Novel Method to Use Carbon Dioxide in Concrete for Better Strength and DurabilityDr. Jialai Wang14-0039PendingProfile
Self-Healable and Ultrastretchable Ternary Polymer Advanced Materials for Multidimensional Strain SensorsEvan Wuicik, Ju-Won Jeon, Yang Lu18-0043PendingProfile