TitleInventorUAIPDPatent StatusLink
Incorporation of electronic components in 3D printingDr. Hwan-Sik Yoon14-0054PendingProfile
Smart Spectrum Handoff for Multimedia over CRNDr. Fei Hu14-0005PendingProfile
Wheelchair Cushion MonitorDr. Edward Sazonov13-0042PendingProfile
Carbon Nanotube Power Converters and InvertersDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq13-0015PendingProfile
Efficient and Reliable Battery PowerDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq12-0030PatentedProfile
Low Profile Multi-Band Antennas for TelematicsDr. Yang-Ki Hong14-0010PendingProfile
Multi-Frequency RF Energy Harvesting System and Controller Using Reconfigurable AntennasDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq14-0008PendingProfile
Single-Inductor Single-Sensor Multi-Channel Distributed PV Solar SystemDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq13-0048PendingProfile
13-0020: Raptor Code for Video TransmissionsDr. Fei Hu13-0020PendingProfile
Manufacturing Methods and its Application for High Power Terahertz SourcesDr. Patrick Kung, Dr. Seongsin Margret Kim12-0030PatentedProfile
A single Sensor MPPT Controller for Multi-Channel Photovoltaic Solar SystemsDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq11-0004PendingProfile
Diagnostic Tool for Printed Circuit BoardsDr. Bruce Kim10-0019PatentedProfile
Carbon Nanotube Power InductorDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq10-0021PendingProfile
Voltage Positioning Power ControllerDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq10-0010PatentedProfile
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Antenna with RF AbsorberDr. Yang-Ki Hong10-0006PatentedProfile
Closed Loop Controlled Power ConverterDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq09-0032PatentedProfile
Integrated Power ConverterDr. Jaber Abu-Qahouq09-0028PatentedProfile