The OTT Process

At the Office for Technology Transfer we try to be efficient and expedient with handling your inventions and innovative new ideas. Below are the highlights of the steps our office takes to assess, analyze, and begin the journey to protecting your intellectual property.

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1. Fill out an Invention Disclosure

Filing an invention disclosure is quick and straightforward. It is the first step in letting us know what your idea or invention is all about. Being able to understand the key advantages and benefits of your technology is the most important part on the path to commercialization.

Invention Disclosure Template
Step 2

2. Inventor Interview

Someone from our office will come and sit down to talk with you face to face. This is our attempt to gain further insights about your invention or idea. Additionally, it allows you to ask more questions about our process and the protection process as a whole.

Step 3

3. Triage Assessment

Our office will conduct a high-level assessment of your technology, which we call the Triage Repot. All of the information will be compiled into an easy to read report for you to review. Within the report, we will examine the commercial potential and conduct a prior art search of your invention. We strive to have these reports completed and returned to you within 2-3 weeks.

Step 4

4. IP Council Review

The final step is to present your invention to the Intellectual Property Committee. During this presentation, you will pitch your idea/invention to the council “Shark Tank” style in an attempt to convince them why UA should pursue patent protection.

IP Committee Members

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