Commercialization Approaches

There are a number of options to transfer inventions to interested parties outside the University, such as companies, publishers, distributors, other universities, and research organizations. After you, the faculty or staff member, have become aware of a new discovery, OTT will discuss with you the various manners of commercialization and the factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate transfer mechanism.

License to an Existing Entity

  • The majority of UA inventions are licensed to existing large and small companies.
  • If your invention is created under a sponsored research agreement, OTT will work with the appropriate OSP representative to review any obligations to the sponsor.

License to a Start-up

  • Sometimes commercialization of the invention is best suited via the creation of a start-up company (a new company created to commercialize a particular technology). Inventors may participate in these start-up companies in a variety of ways, and OTT is available to discuss all aspects of company formation with you.
  • OTT structures licensing agreements with UA start-ups with an emphasis on helping the company become viable, but also ensuring that the invention is diligently developed and commercialized.
  • For assistance or questions related with forming a start-up, please contact us.