The Office for Technology Transfer commercializes technology developed at The University of Alabama.  However, the OTT is also committed to creating an innovative and entrepreneurial campus.  As a result, UA OTT helps student entrepreneurs even when their intellectual property is not owned by UA.  Here are a few ways we help students.  We:

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  • Help identify funding resources, classes and programs on campus.
  • Offer student technology evaluation internships.
  • Offer graduate student and post-doctoral fellow internships through the Technology Transfer Fellowship Program.
  • Offer feedback on student-initiated business ideas.
  • Provide mentoring.
  • Use experienced students as “consultants” of special projects.
  • Offer staff who guest lecture on startups, technology commercialization, licensing, and intellectual property to both classes and organizations.
  • Place UA technology in engineering and business school classes to offer students “real world” experiences in areas such as design, product development and business formation.
  • Help find community resources and networking events.
[/list] [headline]When Should Students Call UA’s Office for Technology Transfer?[/headline]

If you have created an invention that is University owned, call for assistance with start-ups, licensing and other issues.  To determine if your invention is owned by UA, read the section describing student ownership in the Board of Trustees Board Rule 509 and contact OTT for guidance.

[headline]UA Entrepreneurial Ecosystem[/headline]

The Office for Technology Transfer is committed to promoting and creating an environment that helps start, establish and grow technology ventures.  We place UA’s technology in classes, work with student-initiated ventures and offer internships/fellowships to learn about technology commercialization hands-on.

Primer on Student Intellectual Property