Tide Tips: Technology, Innovation, Patents and Startups C2: Volume 10


Tide TIPS: Volume 10

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Apple’s best kept secrets

iPhone users, you may want to stop pressing the “I’ll update later” button. Apple iOS 12 has some great secret features that are worth the update. If you have AirPods, you can go to the settings and change them into hearing aids, magnifying people’s voices. The camera also has a new feature where if you hard press it, you can directly scan a QR code. For those of you that always know the words to a song but never the name, now you can type lyrics into Apple Music and it will pull up the song you’re looking for. These are just a few of the new features that show Apple is really stepping up it’s game.(Forbes)

Make sure you get your steps in

It is often hard to keep motivated when trying to be more healthy, but FitBit is looking to change that. Back in June, the company’s executives talked about plans for an integrated digital health platform, and now they have come out with some tools to help people get into a more healthy lifestyle. They are calling this platform FitBit Care, which consists of 3 main parts: Wearables, Social Tools, and Coaching. It will be sold as a bundled subscription offering. (Fast Company)

Marketing made easy

Marketing is on it’s way to becoming a lot easier, thanks to a new startup called Singular. The idea behind this new company is to unify marketers and pull data from many sources so that you don’t have to. Singular has just announced that they reached $30 million in Series B funding. In addition to this, they are already working with some big name companies, such as Lyft, Yelp, AirBnB, and LinkedIn. (Tech Crunch)

Maybe millennials aren’t the problem

We always hear about how millennials are “lazy”, “ungrateful”, etc. This is an unfair branding, as this generation is simply more visible due to a higher focus on social media. They also are saddled in massive amounts of student debt, with the amount currently at $1.3 trillion for American households. This may seem ridiculous, but it’s also been shown that people need higher degrees to get better jobs, so it is clear that we are a little too hard on this generation… and maybe we should look into tuition rates. (Entrepreneur)

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