Tide Tips: Technology, Innovation, Patents and Startups C2: Volume 12


Tide TIPS: Volume 12

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UA’s new life-saving invention

An average of 37 children die from being trapped in hot cars per year in the United States, and that is 37 too many. Engineering researchers here at UA have been working to combat this problem and have created a patent-pending device that could save many lives. Developed by UA students from a concept created by Dr. Timothy A. Haskew, this device can monitor carbon-monoxide levels in the vehicle from human breath and uses computer algorithms to determine when the human or animal is too hot. The device can then alert a cell phone for help. (UA)

Be your own boss

Who says you can only have one business? With new companies popping up everywhere, now is the time to make your ideas into reality, all at the same time. To do this, you need to be able to adapt to change. Be open to new paths you didn’t expect. You also need to meet a market need. To get business, you need to offer something that people need. A key tool is hiring the right team. Surrounding yourself with the right people makes all the difference. Lastly, if you want to pursue multiple entrepreneurial ventures, know your limits. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, and never give up. (Entrepreneur)

Cities of the future

With the speed of urban expansion at an all time high, there are going to be some major changes in reaction to the influx of people into cities. By 2050, it is expected that the percentage of the world population living in cities will jump from 55% to 68%, adding 2.5 billion people to these urban areas. It is expected that geographic boundaries will be blurred as foreigners move into cities, with this global flow affecting GDP. Sharing will become the norm, as everyone is using apps to ride-share, bicycle-share, and more. The sharing revolution is just part of these huge changes come. (McKinsey)

4 quotes to keep you inspired

If you’re an entrepreneur that is feeling a little unmotivated or stuck, these quotes will inspire you to keep chugging along:

“People are the most important thing. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people.” -Adam Neumann, Co-founder of WeWork

“Fundraising is much easier now because of crowdfunding. Take advantage of that.” -Constantin Bisanz, Founder of Aloha

“If something is important enough, or you believe something is important enough, even if you are scared, you will keep going.” -Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX

“I’m always tweaking, always trying to make it better, constantly moving the levers and dials.” -Steve Ells, founder and co-CEO of Chipotle (HubSpot)

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