Tide Tips: Technology, Innovation, Patents and Startups C2: Volume 17


Tide TIPS: Volume 17

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Ending the Cycle

Started in a broom closet, Ubuntu has come a long way. Jacob Lief started this nonprofit to break the cycle of poverty, and has now grown his company to 70 employees across three continents. Not to mention they now support 2,000 children… talk about impressive. Lief has even written a book about his experience traveling across South Africa, called I Am Because You Are. (Entrepreneur)

Blackberry is Back

Blackberry is now suing Twitter for patent infringement, saying they stole six of their patents that do things like silence notifications and control push notifications. Blackberry believes that they were at the forefront of mobile messaging, and have sought to gain back control of their role. This lawsuit has not come as a surprise, as they filed a similar lawsuit against Facebook just last year. (Tech Crunch)

Immediate Relief

Getting your home rebuilt after a disaster may be easier than ever now thanks to a new thing called “parametric insurance”. Insurers are restructuring the system to make it extremely fast to get funds after a disaster, which could change the lives of many. They can do this by pre-selecting certain “triggers”, such as a category of hurricane, that can afford immediate payout to victims. Now, they just have to make sure people know about it. (Wired)

Goodbye 3-D, Hello AR

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, famed informer of Apple’s newest works, Apple is planning to roll out a pair of augmented reality glasses as early as 2020. The patents for this device could allow it to be used for many purposes, such as touring a new city or finding a lost device at home. While they say it would be easier to have this controlled from a smartphone, Apple is toying with the idea of having a computer directly on the glasses. (Inverse)

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