Tide Tips: Technology, Innovation, Patents and Startups C2: Volume 19


Tide TIPS: Volume 19

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Zero Carbon is the New Black

Costa Rica is taking action against global warming, and we should pay attention. Their 39 year old president, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, has committed to getting rid of all fossil fuel use in his country by 2050. When asked why he thinks this is important, as Costa Rica hardly makes a dent in the world’s carbon emission, he responds by saying that it is about the narrative. One success story to contrast with the many failed attempts heard in the news could change the world’s perception of the ability to stop this environmental destruction. (Wired)

Block the Haters

A new startup called Respondology is working to rid social media of negative comments, with an ultimate goal to stop cyberbullying. Their original plan was to help companies find and respond to comments on social media, but they soon realized they could do more with their tool. Respondology has now launched a product called The Mod that allows brands and influencers to find negative comments and make them invisible to most of their followers. This could be a gamechanger to make social media positive again. (Tech Crunch)

How to Become a Jedi 101

Neuroscientist Patrick Kaifosh is developing a device that will allow you to control your device with your mind, so you can basically consider yourself a jedi. His idea started because he was annoyed that he had one keyboard on his laptop and another on his phone, both of which he typed on at different speeds. He thought that if there was a universal way to generate text it would be much easier. Kaifosh’s invention differs from the others in that the electrodes will actually be on your wrist, not your head, keeping more consistency in the signals sent. (Forbes)

Robots, But With Feelings

If you’re worried about robots taking over the world, it may not be as bad as you think. John Havens has written a kind of “seminal must-have syllabus” and is working to make sure that the A.I. robots created have the foundation of ethics. He wants robot designers to think about the potential consequences of their creation, and avoid disasters such as racist A.I. systems. This would include making sure the robots have empathy and understand cultural norms in different situations. With the first human-level A.I. set to arrive in just 10 years, Havens’ work will be very important to perfect the future of A.I. (Inverse)

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