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Tide TIPS: C2V4

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Everyone can change the world with just a little bit

Give a little bit, give a little bit of yourself to the world. If you didn’t sing that last sentence to the tune of Rodger Hodgson’s “Give A Little Bit” then we should start your life evaluation there. But I seriously couldn’t get this song out of my head as I read this article from Fast Company. I think consciously or subconsciously, we all want to help the world be a better place, but there are a litany of reasons why we can’t. Work is taking up too much time, I have family obligations, or I must devote all my waking hours to my condo — looking at you mom and dad. Whatever the reason may be, we all can find something to keep us from making the world a better place. But that is where we are wrong. We don’t need grand gestures, but simply to focus the things we are already doing so they align with problems the world has. You’d be surprised what something as simple as connecting two people will do. So, see what little bit of yourself you can give to make a difference. (Fast Company)

Parking Garages of the Future

In undergrad, one of my professors made a statement that has stuck with me through the years. We were discussing traffic patterns and congestion and he said, “Adding more lanes to combat traffic congestion is like loosening your belt to fight obesity. The only way to truly solve traffic congestion is to take cars off the road.” And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that he’s right. Now, with the rise of autonomous cars and the idea that people will own time of cars as opposed to cars themselves, the possibility of fewer cars on the road is a real possibility. So, kudos to you Dr. Steven Jones for being right six years ago. But there being fewer cars, what will we do with all those parking garages? One company in London has come up with quite the innovative solution, make them waiting areas, playgrounds, and event spaces. Really cool. (Co.Design)

Tools to Help Grow Your Business or Brand

Typically, I hate aggregating an aggregation post. Just kind of boring. However, I found this one quite useful and thought you all might too. For example, I had no idea Databox existed. I had briefly heard of HelloSign, but learned a ton more about it. And I discovered that some tools I knew about did things I didn’t know they could do. So, here you go folks. Learn away. (Hubspot)

Do you really need an app for that?

We all remember the Apple commercial that appeared right after the debut of the App Store that claimed there was an app for almost anything you wanted to do. This then spurred an app revolution that is arguably still going on today. But do we all really need an app for that? Apps are time intensive and can cost a lot of money if you aren’t a developer or don’t have one on your staff. This is a great article to help you, the business owner or organization leader, decide what your answer should be. (Entrepreneur)

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