Tide Tips: Technology, Innovation, Patents and Startups C2: Volume 5


Tide TIPS: C2V5

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An Uber Ride That Turned Into a Life-Changing Decision…

Madhuri Hegde, the chief scientific officer for laboratory services at PerkinElmer took an Uber ride and, when asked the normal question of “so what do you do?” began her spiel of the genetic tests her company had developed. The test screens for all 59 genes that play a role in 34 genetic disorders that can be prevented if caught early enough. Instead of the driver zoning out and feigning interest, he had genuine interest in her tests and actually wanted to know how he could get one. These tests had previously only been offered to physicians by PerkinElmer, but why not allow access for people who want to know their risk for serious genetic disorders? So, PerkinElmer announced this past Tuesday that this summer it will start selling it’s test on Helix, a consumer genomics marketplace. (Wired)

Bored of Your Plain Old Gold or Silver iPhone?

Well, worry no more because the Cupertino company will be releasing bright red versions of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This happened last year, as well, when Apple released red versions of the iPhone 7. This is not just for sales, but has a charitable reason behind it as a portion of the proceeds will go to Product (RED). If you aren’t already familiar with the organization, they work to fight the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Africa. For you iPhone X users out there, don’t get too excited, as they will not be releasing a red option for that model just yet… maybe next year. (Popular Mechanics)

Stem Cells Could Cure Your Vision

Yes, you heard that right. With one out of every five people over the age of 65 suffering from macular degeneration, scientists have long been searching for an answer. Macular degeneration thins and breaks down tissue at the center of the retina and, without that tissue, the light-sensing cells atrophy and die. There are treatments that can slow this degeneration, but so far that is as far as it goes, with no way to reverse it… until now. These clinical trials will take time to perfect, as there have been cases of patients going completely blind as a result of the stem cells injected, but it is a step in the right direction for the potential of stem cells to be seen. (Wired)

More Robots…But This Time For River Cleanup

If you’ve ever been to Chicago, then you’ve seen the massive river that runs through downtown. You’ve probably also been told by locals not to ever think about swimming in it, as it is pretty disgusting. All of the trash dumped into the water make it unsafe for anyone to go in, but that may soon change. The Chicago startup, Urban Rivers, has been working on cleaning up the Chicago River for a while, but their “floating garden” was just getting too swamped with trash to make much of a difference. So, they created a prototype floating robot that would make the cleanup fun and interactive, while also working effectively. They launched a Kickstarter, which has already become fully funded, and plan to launch it soon, with anyone being able to control it (with some limitations for safety of course) and make dirty rivers a thing of the past. (Popular Mechanics)

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