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What do Lyft and Netflix have in common?

With Lyft and Uber constantly competing for rides, Lyft looked for a way to pull ahead and be the app that users opened first when needing a ride. They decided to join the likes of Amazon, Spotify, and many more by testing out a new subscription membership. Uber has also started to try and test this idea, but Lyft is very serious about it and has already started testing it in every market. It will be difficult to work out, as the rides need to be low enough to be attractive to riders while also making it worthwhile for the drivers. One Chicago rider tested out the membership, paying $135 a month for 30 Lyft Line rides up to $10, and says she will forget about Uber for good. (Wired)

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should…

While watching Jurassic Park, it was pretty clear that the 1993 film was just science fiction. We can’t actually resurrect dinosaurs from the DNA of ancient mosquitos… or can we? Well, mosquitos are not part of the equation, but famed paleontologist Jack Horner says we now have the capability of creating a dinosaur. After Jurassic Park, something happened called the “Jurassic Park Effect”, leading to there being four times more dinosaur paleontologists than there were before. This spark in interest led to scientists trying to figure out how to modify animal embryos to create dinosaurs, and they believe they have found the solution. (Popular Mechanics)

Never forget your client’s sister’s cat’s name again

On VentureBeat’s list of the 15 startups to watch this year, #8 was one that really stood out. In the business world, the information that executives need to know comes from many different places, such as emails, meetings, and even conversations in their office. A new app, Accompany, calls itself your personal chief of staff. It combines features from smart calendars and precise bits of information to provide you with all of the information you need before walking into a meeting, from news reports about the meeting topic to notes from previous conversations with attendees and tips about their lives. Founded by Amy Chang, the company raised $20 million this year, with beta launches in the U.S. and UK. (VentureBeat)

Step aside Invisalign

With Invisalign generating sales of $1.47 billion last year, it has become a household name. However, the price tag is not cheap for these see-through dental trays, costing around $3,000 to $8,000 each. When around 40 patents expired last October, this opened the door for competition. This is only the beginning, as they expect around 23 of Invisalign patents to be expiring each year from now on. One of the main entrants into the market, SmileDirectClub, only charges around $1,850 to $2,265 and will send you the aligners in the mail. Interestingly, Align Technology (the owner of Invisalign) has just bought a 17% stake in the company. This seems to be only the beginning as the market for clear aligners grows. (Forbes)

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