Tide Tips: Technology, Innovation, Patents and Startups C2: Volume 9


Tide TIPS: Volume 9

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Send a Box of Cheer

With mental health being so talked about and recognized these days, it’s not surprising that people have grabbed the business opportunity in supporting people going through hardships. A new startup called MentalHappy has created a really unique product idea to help make the workplace more friendly to the employees that may be struggling. They have come out with a product called Cheerboxes, where they can send personalized care packages to employees that are going through a tough time, with the ability to send up to 500 at a time within a company. Who says the corporate world can’t be all sunshines and rainbows sometimes? (Tech Crunch)

Self-Driving Back on the Roads

With the story of a self-driving Uber’s fatal crash the center of many headlines, it’s safe to say most people will be looking for a human driver on their next ride. In the four months following this crash, Uber has pulled their self-driving cars off the road. However, to the surprise of many, Uber has decided to put their self-driving cars back out there, starting in Pittsburgh. This controversial move was explained by the self-driving chief, Eric Meyhofer, as safe because the cars will be driven by humans for now, as they will just be collecting data. During this testing period, they will look into the issues that caused the self-driving car to run over the Arizona woman previously. (Wired)

An Expensive Bite of the Apple

Thinking about buying the latest iPhone? I hope you’re ready to fork out some extra cash. In another power-hungry move, Apple has made it so that you’ll have to pay their hefty fee if you want to “fast-charge” your new phone. The company has made it so that third party fast chargers will work at a very small fraction of the speed of their Apple brand counterparts. But, if you want to purchase the Apple version, be ready to spend between $68 to $84 dollars on top of that already $1000 phone… (Forbes)

Flick and Swish Your Way Through Code

Are you a Harry Potter nerd? Well, then listen up because the company Kano has teamed up with Warner Bros. to create a Harry Potter Coding Kit that includes a programmable wand and access to a wizarding world through one of Kano’s apps. It will be release October 1st, starting at $99. The user will be able to perform spells and solve coding challenges within the games. It was actually Walmart who suggested this collab, after Kano was the creator of the most sold STEM product that the retail giant sold last year, a $29 motion sensor kit. (Fast Company)

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