Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 10


Tide TIPS: Volume 10

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Why We Don’t Have Better Batteries: Part Two

Maybe because they’re exploding? Batteries must have gotten wind of last week’s volume, as it seems they have declared revenge. Samsung is the current target, and due to exploding batteries, have recalled the new Galaxy Note 7 phone. Exploding batteries are due to manufacturers pushing the limit of batteries’ ability. Scientists say we have already achieved nearly 90 percent of the maximum battery life possible from the lithium-ion battery. There are several solutions to this problem, such as avoiding overcharging, decreasing voltage, or separating the oppositely charged electrodes. Or maybe, we just need to break the smartphone addiction and quit after the twenty-fifth selfie. (The Verge)

One Cube’s Kickstarter Journey

As you read this, I’m willing to bet either you or someone within your ten-foot office radius is fidgeting. Same with this guy, who got so annoyed after the millionth pen click, he did something about it. Thus was born the Fidget Cube. And serial fidgeters rejoiced everywhere and threw $3.5 million dollars at their Kickstarter. The Fidget Cube features several tactile toys, including a rocker switch, buttons, a joystick, a rotating dial, and a ball in a socket. Finally: fidget freedom. (CNET)

The First Million is the Hardest

According to the words of modern-day​ Greek philosopher, Drake, the first million is the hardest. And you know what? He’s right. Well, at least according to other millionaires. While it may be difficult, it’s not impossible. You could actually probably have already made your million, but you were probably making these 11 mistakes. Because you know, a few mistakes are all that’s preventing you from being a millionaire. Just remember, when you quit making mistakes and make your million, stay humble. Unless you want to be owned this bad on the Twitter machine. (Entrepreneur)

Give Your Brand the Pretty Woman Treatment

You know that moment in the cheesy 90s rom-com’s – that’s a romantic comedy for those not down with the lingo—where the girl gets a makeover by just taking off her glasses and then is all of a sudden prom queen? Yeah, that’s not really how makeovers work. They are actually much more complicated, especially if the makeover is for your business or brand. But, sometimes it can be worth it to undergo a bit of a brand transformation. Maybe you are trying to attract new audiences, stay relevant within the industry, or get Freddie Prinze Jr. to take you to prom. No matter the reason, make sure you are careful and examine all the risks. Not doing this could be a big mistake. HUGE even.  (Hubspot)

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