Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 11


Tide TIPS: Volume 11

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Self-tying shoes? Yeah, they are real

You know those shoes that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future? Yes, the ones that tied themselves when he stepped in them? Yeah, those literally exist now thanks to Nike. The new Nike HyperAct shoe will be the first self-lacing shoe to be commercially available. You can get a pair starting November 28. You can get them before then if you happen to know an old dude with the last name of Brown that has a Delorean though. (Wired)

Money Never Sleeps

I love to sleep. I mean, who doesn’t? I especially love that 9 minutes of sleep in between my alarm initially going off and when there is another apparent reactor breach. This is by far the warmest, most comfortable, best sleep any one human can get according to a recent survey. Disclaimer! – This survey was done by me on a daily basis and is thus not very scientific, yet wildly accurate. Long story short, I think that sleep is absolutely glorious. One thing I’m not particularly fond of about sleep is that I can’t make money while doing. After sleep, making money might be my most favorite activity. So, here I have two activities, I thoroughly enjoy, that are mutually exclusive to one another. Or so I thought. In this uber helpful article from Entrepreneur, there are 11 tips to making money while you sleep. Dreams do come true. Literally. (Entrepreneur)

How to take the sleaziness out of upselling

Upselling, or selling additional products or services to customers, is an outstanding way to grow your business and generate additional revenue. However, it can be very easy to slip into the sleazy salesman role very quickly and earn the reputation as a Jordan Belfort type. Lucky for you, the always awesome content providers over at Hubspot have 8 easy to use tips to be less sleazy when upselling. Hopefully, this results in more fun coupons, without the sleaze. (Hubspot)

Bennu and the Jets

NASA has recently set out to discover more about the origins of our 4.5-billion-year old solar system. The key to discovering more about the universe, according to NASA, lies in the surface material of asteroids that travel through our solar system, such as Bennu. No, Bennu isn’t the name of some hipster millennial with a man-bun who laughs at your music taste. Bennu is an asteroid which passes within some 200,000 miles near earth that NASA has set its sights on with its OSIRIS-Rex mission. The OSIRIS-Rex will be traveling roughly two years to Bennu to ultimately collect surface material, a mission not quite as cool as Bruce Willis sinking a nuclear warhead into the surface of an asteroid and ultimately saving the planet, but it could give us some interesting data about our home. The surface of Bennu hasn’t been touched in 4.5 billion years so it could contain possible clues about the origin of our solar system and possibly even the origin of life here on earth. The mission launches on Thursday, September 15, 2016, and is planned to return sometime in 2023. Who knows? Steven Tyler will probably still be around to write a song about that mission too. (The Verge)

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