Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 12


Tide TIPS: Volume 12

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The Startup Revolutionizing Packaging

Have you ordered something recently that came in a uniquely cool and awesome package? One that made you feel like you were receiving a present? Then you probably owe your thanks to Lumi. Haven’t heard of them? Lumi is a web-platform that lets small to mid-sized E-commerce companies quickly and easily design custom packaging for their products. Aside from helping with design, they will also help with proper packaging selection. Maybe the traditional box isn’t the most cost effective, so the Lumi platform could recommend soft padded envelopes that are still branded to convey the company’s value. In addition to helping with customization and package selection, Lumi also helps these small companies achieve economies of scale by the volume of total package orders that Lumi sends to the suppliers. It’s a win-win for everyone. And this my friends, no matter how you package it, is called innovation. (Fast Company)

Maker vs. Manager: What type of productivity worker are you?

Literally, until I read this article I thought there was only one type of way to manage your time. That was to plan a good work schedule and follow through with it. Even planning out time to answer emails, take meetings, and sleep. To be honest, I am terrible at this style. I can’t make a good daily work plan, and I certainly don’t follow through with them. Honestly, I thought I was just a weirdo that didn’t know how to get things done. Then, I read this article from Entrepreneur that gave me hope. You see, there are two types of working styles according to Y Combinator founder, Paul Graham, and they are the manager and the maker. The manager is who we described already, the person that plans out the day. On the flipside is the maker who blocks off large chunks of time to accomplish projects. So, maybe I’m not a weirdo after all. At least in this instance. (Entrepreneur)

The Trick to a Higher ROI: Read More

Are you a startup owner? Maybe a researcher that wants to capitalize on your time better? Well, the trick to getting a higher return on investment for your time, is to read more. Read what you might ask? The answer anything. Maybe some Hemingway, Steinbeck, or Shakespeare. Hell, it could be a dude writing a weekly blog with snarky commentary about technology and innovation. The point is to read whatever inspires you. Whatever helps you recreate those “lightbulb” moments that really light the fires of passion and motivate you to act. Not sure what to read? Seriously, sign up for the newsletter, and we will give you a good aggregation of content to consume each week. (Fast Company)

Bye Bye Selfie Sticks

Thank goodness they are leaving too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something become the new dad-style phone clip to the belt faster than the selfie stick. Seriously, has anything become lamer quicker? (Maybe things become lamer quicker because of how fast we can produce and distribute things. There isn’t any scarcity to drive the coolness. Maybe another piece for another day. Hmmm…I digress) But, for everyone that wants those advantageous camera angles, while simultaneously not using this generations version of the fanny pack, there is Podo. Podo is a stick on camera that can adhere to nearly any surface and transmit the photos back to your phone. Right now, they are running a Kickstarter campaign where you can get one for $30 less than eventual retail. So act quick. Be cooler than the dad tourist with Podo. (You’re welcome for your new tagline, Podo.) (The Verge)


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