Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 13


Tide TIPS: Volume 13

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Toyota and the Baby Robot

This sounds like something out of a strange children’s book, but oddly enough it is real life. Toyota has created a baby robot, called the Kirobi Mini, that can react to human interactions and care. It was created after a similar robot was originally created as a companion for Japanese astronauts. The Kirobi Mini will hit shelves sometime next year, and run you about $400. But, if you want something that will also react to human interactions and care sooner and at a cheaper price, I hear that carrying around an egg or sack of flour works just as well. (TechCrunch)

Engineers Have to Fix Everything, Even the Economy

It’s official – a report from Forbes proclaims – engineers have a positive effect on the economy. The Royal Academy of Engineering commissioned a study to examine 99 countries, and concluded – in the most unbiased way I might add—that engineers positively affect economic growth and development. Now, as an engineer, I choose to believe this report wholeheartedly and blindly. However, if you would like to see the numbers and logic behind this, you can read the report and come to the same conclusion as me here. (Forbes)

Apple is involved with a patent lawsuit…. Again

In a shocking new development to no one, Apple is yet again involved in a patent dispute. The holding company VirnetX, is suing apple over patent infringement. The source of the lawsuit has to do with the popular Apple app, FaceTime and a patented internet security measure surrounding virtual private networks. This is actually not the first time these companies have duked it out in court. Or even the second. This is the third time that Apple and VirnetX have seen each other in court over patent disputes. So, it will be third time a charm for someone, just not sure who. (Reuters)

WestWorld is all about some technology and it’s awesome

If you’re like me, you can’t wait until Game of Thrones returns, and are looking for anything to watch in the meantime, then HBO gave you the answer on Sunday. WestWorld seems to be an outstanding show, even from the little bit we saw in the pilot. The show involves the interaction between artificially intelligent robots that are indistinguishable from humans and inhabit a simulated world based on the American old west, and humans who pay to visit this simulated world and live out their wildest childhood dream of playing cowboys and Indians. But, similarly to Game of Thrones, the Sci-Fi setting seems to be just that, a setting. Why is this pertinent to Tide TIPS, you ask? Well, while I was watching my intellectual property senses kept going off as I thought of all of the IP it must have taken to create this western world. From the artificial intelligence, to the lifelike material used to make the robots skin and organs, the technology was abundant. Even copyrights in the actual world, the covers of modern day songs in a western saloon way was incredible – Seriously, the “Paint It Black” scene was brilliant – and add to the overall allure of the show. Did I mention that I think this is a good show? (Wired)

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