Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 14


Tide TIPS: Volume 14

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By Laura Martinez

Apples to Oranges to Google

Last week, Google held its biggest ever hardware event, and Google aficionados everywhere are still rejoicing. During this event, Google rolled out their new “by Google” smartphones, Google Home smart speakers, new wireless routers, and new 4K Chromecast. The emphasis of the event was on synergy, as these devices will work seamlessly with one another. If this concept seems familiar, it’s because it is. A little company out in California has already perfected and capitalized synergy-to the tune of $605 billion. The two masters of innovation are beginning a technological war, but the winner is ultimately the consumer. (The Verge)

Drones for Dinner

Jimmy John’s is about to redefine freaky fast, emphasis on the freaky, when your sandwich drops down from the sky via drone. Huge franchises are getting in on the drone and robotic technology, such as KFC, 7-Eleven, and Chipotle. Pizza Hut has unveiled a plan to implement Pepper, a “super cute robot”, to take customer orders and accept payment. Domino’s will not be left behind, and has rolled out it’s own delivery robots with heated compartments that can hold up to 10 pizzas for 12 miles. Even huge hotels like Hilton and InterContinental have introduced robots to act as concierges and extensions of the hotel staff. Today, robots deliver extra pillows and your dinner, but tomorrow, maybe they’ll be able to tuck you in and share a nightcap. The future is looking bright. (Entrepreneur)

Perfect Your Presentation

Are presentations big in your line of work? We’re willing to guess yes, so here’s a few tips fromFast Company. Ignore the onslaught of new technology and advancement of computers to present your point—instead, keep it simple. Slide design should enhance your point, not diminish or distract from it. Effective presenters often win their audiences by showing just a single image or word on a screen while telling their story. Keep it real by being vulnerable and truthful with your audience, share both the bad news and the good news, and let your audience question your point of view. Finally, keep in mind that your presentation has an active audience (hopefully) and that you are activating a two-way conversation the moment you begin. These tips may seem basic, but the fundamentals never go out of style. (Fast Company)

And parking citations just got more annoying. No, really they did.

Gone are the days of anxiously crossing your fingers that your car hasn’t been booted just to walk up and see—yup it’s been booted. The new form of parking enforcement can be seen from a mile away, which is ironic since it’s meant to prevent the driver from seeing anything at all. Meet the Barnacle, a six square foot block of yellow plastic that clamps onto your windshield via 700 pound suction. Once affixed to your windshield, you can either call the authorities to remove it, make a payment over the phone in exchange for the code to release the beast. If you’re thinking “No problem, I’ll drive home with my head out the window. Bring it on, Barnacle”, you’re sorely mistaken because this is not only illegal but rendered ineffective since the Barnacle comes with GPS that signals an alarm if the car moves. This thing literally sucks. (Wired)

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