Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 15


Tide TIPS: Volume 15

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By: Laura Martinez


Google is watching, all the time

Where were you last Tuesday at 9:12 a.m.? You might not remember, but Google soon will. Google was granted a patent this week titled “systems and methods for generating a user location history”. The intention is to identify your location by collecting data from your devices’ search history, email history, photographs taken, social media posts, even receipts from mobile payments. Your day-to-day life, all collected, broken down, and stored by Google. But why? So Google can continually improve user experience by making advances in local search, location-based marketing, geotargeting, and more. Google can track me all day everyday, as long as someday Google can see I’m on my 9:12 a.m. Tuesday Starbucks route and put my iced mocha order in so it’s waiting upon arrival. A girl can dream. (Search Engine Journal)

The Ultimate Driving Machine Could Drive Itself

BMW revealed an intelligent motorcycle in Santa Monica that might be smarter than the rest of Los Angeles’s drivers. The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is a concept that has the ability to keep its eyes on the road employing a host of connected systems to anticipate obstacles. Additionally, it features an alert system to the rider of potential danger, as well as a self-balancing system. This information is transmitted through data glasses that can span the rider’s field of vision, and display ideal lines and banking angles. The motorcycle eliminates the need for protective wear, but don’t trash your leather jacket just yet. The motorcycle is simply a concept of what motorcycles could look and act like by 2040. (Forbes)

Not your olde timey social network

Out with the old, in with the millennials. New social-networking apps are stealing users away from the trifecta of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. The new apps were created by millennials for millennials, and are garnering serious attention. Peach, created by the cofounded of Vine, combines Facebook, Snapchat, Slack and Tumblr by allowing users to find a gif to match a mood. Buddypass helps you find new friends in your area that share your passions and interests, especially useful for millennials that move to a new city. My final favorite, Bubbly, describes itself as “Twitter and Instagram for your voice”. The app allows you to record your voice and add audio effects and a photo, then upload it. (Entrepreneur)

Get a new mentor, no matter what stage your career is

You don’t have to be young to reap the benefits of a mentor. Hubspot reports on how to find a mentor, even while on a higher rung in the career ladder. Mentors don’t have to be older or more experienced, there is always something to learn from someone else. Additionally, mentorship goes both ways and doesn’t have to be a teacher-student relationship. Mentors can be found anywhere within a network of past and present clients, supervisors and colleagues. It’s important to look for advice from individuals you wouldn’t typically think of asking advice from, especially since their network could quickly become your network with a few introductions.

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