Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 16


Tide TIPS: Volume 16

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Want to build a good culture? Sam Walton has some good tips

Sam Walton is unquestionably one of the most successful businessmen of the last century. He was certainly one of the richest people of the last 100 years. In fact, the dude was so rich that when he died and his fortune was split between several kids, they instantly became members of the top 20 richest people alive. But, Ole Sam didn’t get there by luck. One key thing Sam attributed to his success was having a thriving company culture. Interviewing everyone, even competitor’s customers, not micromanaging, establishing great communication channels, and identifying smart leaders was how Walton ran his empire with nothing but a yellow legal pad. But these, tips aren’t just for retail store moguls, they are great for everyone from startup owner to research team leader. Get em here. (Entrepreneur)

Tired of rocking your baby to sleep? Me too

Well, I don’t have children, but just watching other people deal with theirs is tiring enough. So, when it’s time for everyone to go to sleep wouldn’t it be great if someone else would rock your little bundle of joy? Maybe you just don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to curb those blood curdling cries? Perhaps you don’t want to have to go console your little poop factory ever again? If you answered yes to any these, then do we have the product for you. Snoo is a new automated baby comforting device that looks like a bassinet and mimics the inside of the mother’s womb (Amniotic and umbilical accessories sold separately). Snoo uses rotating circular plates below the bassinet that imitate rocking and intensifies if the baby becomes restless. The inventor is a pediatrician, so trust him. He’s a doctor. Read more about how to plug sanity back in to your life here. (Wired)

In the near future the cure for your cancer, could be you

Yes, you read that correctly. The cure for cancer. Well, ok. Not exactly a cure, but a better way to assess and treat not only just cancer, but other diseases you may incur, can be better treated by sequencing your DNA. That happened for lucky chap, who was literally about to begin dialysis for his kidney cancer, when a DNA sequence revealed that a different drug would be more effective. Now, thanks to some tumor medication and a kidney transplant, the patient is cancer free. This could be the new norm as computing power increases, and scientists are able to sequence millions upon millions more DNA probabilities to help more people like this. (Wired)

A Shameless Plug

Hey, this is our blog after all. Truth be told it was quite the slow news week. Too many people coming out with new computers with touch pads and touch screens. Those articles are lame, boring, and a dime a dozen. Times a thousand. So, we are taking this opportunity to plug our Venture Development Showcase day. In case you didn’t know, we run a semester long internship where we partner a business student with a technical student, and together they develop a commercialization strategy for one of our technologies. On November 18th, the teams will showcase their strategies for all the world. The whole world you say? Yes! We will live stream their presentations on Periscope and Facebook Live, so we hope you will tune in and join us. Spoiler alert: the interns don’t know about this last part. It should be fun.

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