Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 17


Tide TIPS: Volume 17

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Your Vote Doesn’t Count*

*IF the whole system is hacked (not rigged). 31 of the great states use the Internet to collect votes, and like everything on the Internet, these processes are vulnerable to hacking. Why allow Internet voting at all? Most of the states only rely on it in order to receive military and overseas voters. However, this doesn’t secure the votes. Since these states use several different systems however, such as allowing voters to return absentee ballots via e-mail, Web portals, or fax machines. This makes it nearly impossible to guarantee the security of online voting with one system, and instead requires several moving parts. The problem is hopelessly complex, unless the election returns to the Stone Age of no Internet. (MIT Tech Review)

The Good News

Although the online voting system is vulnerable to an attack, the government isn’t all that worried one will happen today. One cyber intelligence analyst for Flashpoint, (which has been monitoring and mitigating cyber attacks) says there is no evidence the election is at risk. Additionally, government official do not believe attackers have the ability to blackout the Internet to the point of no return. Still, law enforcement, intelligence, and military teams are on standby in order to defend the Internet infrastructure tomorrow. Web traffic will be closely monitored by several different cyber command centers, and all resources of cyber operations have been engaged. Hackers don’t have a way to break the Internet, especially since Kim Kardashian probably isn’t on their side. (Wired)

Candidate Comparison: Innovation

If supporting and advancing technology and innovation policies is high on your to-do list, I’d like to not only be friends, but also lend insight as to each presidential candidate’s stance on this matter. Secretary Clinton introduced an “Initiative on Technology and Innovation” that promotes intellectual-property based industries. This initiative includes employing a greater focus on STEM coursework in public school curricula, a financial commitment to startups, and a deferment of student loans for entrepreneurial students. Trump, on the other hand, has no official innovation plan, but has called attention to innovation issues during his speeches. In one speech, Trump promises to enforce intellectual property rules in order to end China’s “outrageous theft of intellectual property”. However, one could question the legitimacy of his anger against intellectual property theft, after several artists including Queen, Adele, and the Rolling Stones have condemned the Trump campaign for using their songs unauthorized. In terms of straight answers during this election, I suppose You Can’t Always Get What You Want. (Forbes)

Dear Mr./Madame President:

A few tips regarding how to repair “Brand USA”. Very few products are truly made in the USA anymore, and the largest contribution to this fact is the lack of good jobs in manufacturing. Government policies are extremely friendly to large globalized businesses that deliver low costs at the expensive of Brand USA. The United States has amongst the highest business taxes in the world, yet they are predominately paid by small businesses. A progressive business tax would make more sense, along with the enforcement of anti-monopoly legislation so larger businesses can’t buy out smaller businesses. Additionally, products created through slave labor or forced labor must be outlawed. Consumer goods might become more expensive, but jobs would return to the U.S. and boost the brand. You can thank me by lending me AirForce One a few weeks after you take office and get comfortable, right around January 9th.  I just need it for a quick trip to Tampa. (Inc.)

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