Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 18


Tide TIPS: Volume 18

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Saw a few less logs

Whether it’s a deep bellow or high pitched shrill, we all know that one person who can snore louder than the everyone we know. This is especially problematic with the holidays coming and long stays at the in-laws in the near future. Yes, snoring is quite annoying, obnoxious, and whatever other adjective you want to insert when you’re trying to sleep at night. Thankfully, a new Kickstarter campaign just launched to put an end to sleepless snore-filled nights. And it couldn’t have a more appropriate name. The Anti-Snore aims to put a stop to those incessant heavy breathing sleepers through a special arm band that syncs to a smartphone app. Throughout the night, the app listens for snoring and then vibrates the arm band, encouraging the wearer to roll over and quit, essentially, yelling in their bed mate’s ear. My Christmas shopping definitely just got shorter by one person. Hope you aren’t reading this, Dad. (He probably actually is.) (The Verge)

How to take the side hustle mainstream

Probably one of the questions we get from startup owners the most, either implicitly or explicitly, is how do I make this my full-time job? Often times, this is a question that most people don’t understand until they truly try to do themselves. Recently, I came across an article that gave advice on just this subject. The advice came from the popular author, Natalie MacNeil, who has actual experience transitioning her side gig to the main one. The advice includes several pieces one might expect and some you might not. Highly recommend checking this one out, especially if you are on aspiring entrepreneur. (Entrepreneur)

Google continues to try to take over the world

Ok, maybe not literally. But, after they released this photo scanning app this week, what don’t they do? In case you haven’t heard, Google released an app that can quickly scan your old printed photos and turn them into high-quality digital ones. For the whippersnappers out there, aka people younger than 25, there used to be a time when not every photo was posted to Instagram. During this time, people had to have their pictures printed out for them. So now, Google wants to make them Instagrammable. Got it? (Fast Company)

Shameless Plug: Part II

Hey, you try finding an article that doesn’t involve Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This Friday at 11 AM, our Venture Development Interns will give an end of semester showcase. It will be a small event, judged by some community members and local industry professionals. BUT WAIT! You are still oh so invited to tune and view. Join us on Periscope and Facebook Live to see the showcase for yourself. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get the notifications.

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