Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 19


Tide TIPS: Volume 19

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Spectacles are a spectacle

In case you haven’t heard, Snapchat now makes their own hardware in the form of sunglasses. These glasses are outfitted with a camera that can snap quick pictures or a ten second video and post them wirelessly to your Snapchat account. Their appearance is rather goofy and flamboyant. It’s almost like spy gear bred with hippie attire and the offspring was Spectacles. So, not only do you wear them, but they in and of themselves are a sight to behold. You can even buy a pair if you’re willing to stand in the cold Manhattan winter. (Wired)

5 Phases of Cash Flow – Do you know them?

Regardless if you are an entrepreneur, scientist, or engineer, you probably understand that any business must generate a cash flow to be successful. What you may not have understood is that there are five various stages to this cash flow. Honestly, I think this is one of the aspects of entrepreneurship that everyone wonders about when first starting. The peeps over at Entrepreneur do a great job defining each phase and telling how to move between them. (Entrepreneur)

Google has a new awesome feature

In the least shocking news of the week, Google now has a feature that will surely become everyone’s favorite. The company will now use “anonymized location history data” to tell you how crowded your favorite bar is in real time. This is sort of like their popular times feature that displays in the search results page when searching a restaurant. The major difference for the new feature is the real-time aspect. So, now you can make more educated and focused decisions on where to get drunk, a state when you may not make as many educated decisions. (The Verge)

Best Inventions of 2016

Our first, and likely not our last, best of the year post is about, what else, but inventions. This week Time magazine released their list of the year’s best inventions. If you have been paying attention to Tide TIPS, then you are certain to recognize a few of them – self-tying shoes anyone?- and some you won’t like a new breed of sweet potatoes. In any case, it’s definitely a cool list to check out. You can find them here. (Time)

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