Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 35


Tide TIPS: Volume 35

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The Alabama Innovation and Mentoring of Entrepreneurs is having their annual showcase this Friday, April 14th. At this showcase, you can expect to hear about some exciting new research projects that researchers and entrepreneurs have been working on for the year. Additionally, our Venture Development Interns will be presenting their final projects. We will broadcast these presentations on Periscope and Facebook Live for the viewing pleasure of those who can’t make it to campus. All in all, it should make for a great day. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, as we will be live-tweeting the event. Who are we kidding, you should be following us anyway. Our Twitter account is here and Facebook is here.

How NASA gets people water

You might be thinking, “I thought NASA studied space and other planets?” You would be absolutely correct in this thinking. So, how do they get people here on Earth water you may ask next? Well, NASA uses its vast array of satellites to estimate the snow water equivalent of snowpack reserves in the western United States. This is the amount of water you would have if you immediately melted the snow. NASA will utilize sensors on the ground to interface with their satellites to monitor snow fall and density in real time to estimate the amount of possible water for residents. Since we have experienced warmer than normal winters the previous couple cycles, snow has melted sooner than normal and precipitation has fallen as rain rather than snow. This has a significant impact on how Western residents capture, store, and distribute the water. For example, farmers may not be able to water their crops, or Laura may not have a pool to sunbathe next to when she goes home to Arizona. Poor Laura. (FiveThirtyEight)

Google Helps You Draw

As if Google didn’t already help you with enough of your life, it will now help you turn those doodles you make when you should be paying attention to actual non-embarrassing images. I inherited many things from my father, such as his intellect, height, and terrible hairline, but one thing I did not inherit was his drawing skills. So, the Auto Draw from Google is a godsend to me. (AutoDraw)

Productivity hacks from people busier than you

We are way past due on a productivity hack post in Tide TIPS. Honestly, I think I like these mostly for two reasons: 1) I like to see how they can repackage the same hacks with the new “it CEO” crowd of the magazine circuits and 2) I typically learn other things besides how to be more productive. For example, I learned that some nerdy dude from Reddit isn’t too busy to date Serena Williams, that one of the ladies from Shark Tank hasn’t discovered to-do list apps, and the person who sells you mattresses in a box doesn’t really like to eat alone, so he schedules meetings during lunch. I keep waiting for these types of articles to tell me how to get less to do and more time to do it, but alas, it hasn’t happened yet. (Inc.)

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