Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 20


Tide TIPS: Volume 20

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Good App-titude

Anything at all you may need, there’s an app for that. Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store boast two million-plus apps. Many of today’s millionaires made their fortunes developing apps, yet there is still room in the market for new ideas and more millions to be made. So how do apps that seem simple, like Instagram and Snapchat, become so successful they’re a part of everyday life? For ‘App-preneurs’ to be successful, their idea must be unique and executed with precision and passion. App ideas must be critically examined for shortcomings and faults and corrected before their release. Several apps, such as Prisma, Askers, and Twilight are positioned to become extremely successful, because they are unique, solve one problem, and are aimed at the masses. With a good app-titude, you too could become the next millionaire app-preneur. (Entrepreneur)

Tech Isn’t Dead, It’s Living and Prospering

Like everything else in 2016, technology was geared to fail. Silicon Valley has been anticipating a crash since November of 2015, yet this time hasn’t come. In fact, startups are raising more money than ever, to the tune of $32.4 billion in 2016. However, venture capitalists are more cautious with which company they invest with. Smaller startups have become more realistic about their business models, while big businesses such as Slack bring in huge money with complex business models. The good news is, investors still believe in innovation, but simply have a more realistic view of technology than in the past. (Wired)

Productivity Tips from the Most Productive

Ever wonder how Kevin Hart makes all those movies? Seriously, the dude doesn’t ever have a film at the box office. Or maybe you wonder how the CEO of Google gets things done during the day. Perhaps you wondered how a master whiskey taster ever finds the time to get all that whiskey “tasted.” Sounds like a rough — and apparently busy—job, but someone must do it. Fast Company just delivered a list of its most productive people, and tips on how they stay so productive. The list includes the aforementioned bunch, along with several others. Maybe you can use a few of them, free up some spare time, and be a master taster yourself. Just a thought. (Fast Company)

National R&D Rankings

Last week, NSF released its annual report of the national ranking of R&D expenditures for the year 2015. Towards the top of the list are familiar names like Stanford, MIT, and Duke, just to name a few. The leader was Johns Hopkins with $2,305,679,000. One caveat to their number is that it includes a national security contract. For reference sake, The University of Alabama was ranked 181 with approximately $58 million in expenditure. (Inside Higher ED)


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