Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 22


Tide TIPS: Volume 22

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Big Ships Turn Slowly, So Get Smaller Teams

Have you ever heard the saying big ships turn slowly? Often, you will hear this in reference to big organizations trying to implement new processes or introduce new products. Because of this, many large companies are now putting together smaller more agile teams to solve problems and create new products. This is an interesting concept we have been exploring and examining. So, here is an article from Forbes and a book I’m reading written by some folks from a company you may have heard of called Google. Highly recommend both. (The Sprint & Forbes)

Soon, less sugar will mean not less sweet

Yes, you read that correctly. Soon, it will be possible to eat food that has less sugar in it, but that hasn’t lost the great taste that sugar provides. I’m sure you’re wondering, how does that work? How do I have less sugar but the food still tastes amazing? Well, the peeps over at Nestle have discovered a way to restructure sugar at the molecular level that will essentially make less mean more. The company says that it will patent the findings. For those of you playing IP matchmaker at home might think a trade secret would be a better form of protection. Initially, I would have agreed. Upon further thought, I realized that the FDA really likes to know about all the things that people put in their bodies, so if you are going to make it known, you might as well patent it. Now in 20 years, everyone will be able to use less sugar. Until then, you will have to rely on KitKats to get your great tasting less sugary treat. (BBC)

Amazon Might Actually Be Taking Over The World

I’m halfway kidding about this. Why do you ask? Well, this week they tested their drone delivery system Amazon Prime Air. What happens when you place your order with this service is that it is filled same as always at distribution centers. What happens next is where things get interesting. Instead of putting the package in an area to be picked up by a delivery driver, a robot drone boxes it up, then autonomously flies it to the customer’s house. This for those people that couldn’t stand to wait the obligatory two days that is already impressively required of prime members now. Soon, Amazon will have robots to do all your shopping for you. There will probably be robots to do everything for us in the near future. (Yahoo News)


Which brings us to…

Google is competing with Amazon to take over the world

Just like Amazon now has robots that shop for you, Google has autonomous cars. This isn’t the most breaking of news. Most people know that the Internet giant has been working on this for a while. What is breaking, is that this self-driving car is hitting the market. That’s right, you will be able to purchase and ride in a self-driving car. Well, that’s a bit misleading because you can’t purchase it immediately. However, you will be able to in the not too distant future. Google has officially formed a company, Waymo, that will see the development of the self-driving car through to the marketplace. So, basically you will be able to sit in your car, shop to have items air dropped to your house, all without having to look up from your phone. (Wired)

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