Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 23


Tide TIPS: Volume 23

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Star Wars Rogue One is all about IP Theft, Seriously

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have certainly at least heard of the new Star Wars movie. In case you are confused, the movie takes place before the first ever movie, Episode IV: A New Hope. The plot centers around a band of rebels stealing the plans for the infamously not a moon Death Star. Obviously, they succeed and arm one Luke Skywalker with the plan he needs to blow the thing up and secure a decisive victory for the Rebel Alliance. Well, we here at Tech Transfer would call the Rebels’ plan IP theft. In essence, the Empire created a novel space station and weapons system. The Rebels then stole this proprietary information and exploited it for their personal gain. Now, you could argue, correctly in my opinion, that their actions were justified so that they would end the rule of an oppressive ruler, Emperor Palpatine, and his uber-evil, father of twins, henchmen Darth Vader. But, we have to call a spade a spade, and the Rebels are straight up IP thieves. Besides, according to engineers and architects, the design for the Death Star is awful and would probably have imploded on itself anyway. (Wired)

Infographics Galore

Everyone likes a good infographic. Well, I do, so I’m assuming that you do too. Not sure what an infographic is? They are the visual element heavy graphics you see that often contain many informative facts and figures. Yeah, I knew you liked those too. Well, many businesses and organizations like to use these tools to tell a data-driven story in as simple as terms as possible. It can often be a great way to convey a complex concept. So, it is highly recommended that you incorporate these nifty tools into your outreach program. The great people over at Hubspot put together a top 10 list of infographics they’ve seen in 2016. Check ‘em out and see if you can get some inspiration for your own. (Hubspot)

Entrepreneur Resources for 2017

As we continue to wind down 2016 and begin to look ahead to 2017, it will be ever so important to know what resources are available are to startups owners and prospective entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur.com put together an excellent list of tools and resources that could be beneficial to everyone, not just entrepreneurs. I would write more about, but there is a stack of S’mores bark and eggnog calling my name. (Entrepreneur)

Best Apps of the Year

Fast Company put out their list of the top ten apps of 2016. Most of these are great for personal finance, productivity, outreach, and digital design. Things everyone always needs help with. Now, I’m off. That second helping of office party goodies isn’t going to eat itself after all. (Fast Company)

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