Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 25


Tide TIPS: Volume 25

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Microsoft is making Westworld technology

Unfortunately, it’s not the tech you probably hoping. So, all you Dolores fanboys just pump the breaks. Last week Microsoft was awarded a patent entitled, “MOBILE COMPUTING DEVICE HAVING A FLEXBLE HINGE STRUCTURE.” So, what they are making are those awesome folding phones that all the employees were seen using. I must admit, those were pretty sweet and I really wanted one. Perhaps this means we are on the path to more Westworld tech. Hopefully a little more Dolores & Teddy, and less Maeve & Clementine. (Neowin)

We are inching closer to a real-life Iron Man Suit

Inching is the operative word here. I say this because what has been created by Superflex is nowhere near capable of flight, bullet-proof armor, or weaponized capabilities. What they have created is electrically powered wearable apparel that can supplement muscles and help you move faster and more efficiently. So maybe more Batman’s suit when he fought Superman, and less Iron Man? Either way, the target customers for this product are elderly folks whose muscles may have weakened with age. Or it could really be for anyone that has to grunt to get out of bed in the morning. (MedCityNews)

Venture capitalists’ predictions for 2017

While lists like this are almost always pure speculation and prognostication, most people would agree it is still fun to guess. Unless you are Nick Saban discussing preseason polls. Spoiler alert: he hates them. However, I would argue that if anyone could accurately – at least somewhat–  guess what will happen in the innovation world this year, it would be venture capitalists. Fast Company happened to agree, so they asked 8 venture capitalists for their predictions. I don’t want to spoil the whole article for you, but it has to do with lots of data, driverless cars, and robots making things. (Fast Company)

Practical Innovation

Sometimes the best inventions are the simplest, most basic ones. Take the Paperfuge for example. It is a centrifuge, designed from a centuries-old toy, that is capable of spinning biological samples at 125,000 RPMs in 90 seconds. For comparison sake, standard commercial centrifuges that are found in analysis labs top out at around 15,000 RPMs and take two minutes to fully separate plasma and biological material. The most shocking part of the Paperfuge is the cost. For a mere 20 cents, you can have your very own centrifuge. The main goal of the invention was to make rapid analysis possible in places without electricity. These places are typically plagued with terrible diseases like malaria and HIV, and detection through blood samples is key. The Paperfuge now provides a crucial tool in the fight against the spread of such diseases. (Wired)

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