Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 26


Tide TIPS: Volume 26

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Asteroid Mining: The Next Frontier

What does this mean? Well, to put it simply, it means that companies will send a spacecraft to land on an asteroid, and literally collected chunks of the asteroid and bring it back to Earth. Why would anyone want to do this, you may ask. Well, asteroids are made of dense rare metals like gold metal and platinum. (They also house giant worms that try to eat Han, Leia, and Chewie, but that only happens long ago in galaxies far, far away.) In practicality, these asteroids have an abundance rare and precious metals that would help to support our activities here on Earth. No longer would we have to ration the use of gold or platinum. One of the main people leading this charge is Peter Diamandis, who is also responsible for other successes like the Xprize organization. That is to say that this stands a pretty good reason of happening. (Wired)

Grown Up Ice Cream Truck

Last week, Amazon received a patent for their Treasure Truck design. Not sure what that is? We weren’t either until we saw this article. This is mainly because of the truck, which drives around with discounted items ranging from electronics to food, is only in the Seattle area. The design covers the compartmental design that goes over an Isuzu cab truck. Maybe with the issue of the patent, we will see these in more regions of the country. Also, this is only a design patent. So, if there are any strapping young entrepreneurs out there that want to make their own truck design, they can. It just has to be different from Amazon’s. (Yahoo Tech)

Paper Airplanes Get New Meaning

No matter how good or bad, at some point, we’ve all made a paper airplane. But I am willing to bet that you have never made one as cool as the ones DARPA is funding. Essentially what this project aims to do is make a paper airplane style drone. Why are they doing this? Well, the current problem with drones is that they are expensive and their flight range is limited by their battery life. DARPA wants to make disposable drones that only have to go one way. Now that the drones don’t have to fly back, they can exhaust the battery life with heavier loads. This would be especially helpful to fly into emergency situations where medical supplies are needed. I choose to believe that the development of these is a competition similar to this clip from everyone’s favorite paper company, Dunder Mifflin. Either way, check out these new paper airplane-esque drones. (Recode)

Why Sleep is Wrecking Your Work

Per usual, the crew over at Hubspot delivers a great article. This week the greatness comes courtesy of why your bedtime routine and sleep schedule are killing your work product. For example, did you know that people that consistently sleep 6 hours or less, lose 6 days of work output? Another example, packing your belongings for the next before bed and not in the franticness of the morning, will lower stress levels by 28%? Here are six tips for improving your sleeping habits, and by extension, your work habits. (Hubspot)

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