Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 27


Tide TIPS: Volume 27

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Elon Musk: A Boring Dude

That’s probably something you never thought that you would read. Seriously, how could a guy who has helped revolutionize online payments with PayPal, sent rockets into space with SpaceX, and is causing a huge paradigm shift in the vehicle industry with Tesla, ever be described as boring? Ok, Ok. The jig is up and the mystery of homophones isn’t as funny as I thought. We are talking about boring, as in digging. Because digging is just what Musk wants to do. This dude is so frustrated with LA traffic that he is going to dig tunnels under the city to help alleviate the congestion. Given his aforementioned track record, we believe he will actually do it. Apparently so does USA Today. One last question: Why didn’t Laura write this? She’s the only one around here that’s actually lived in LA. Sigh… (USA Today)

Part Human Part Pig?

This was a real thing. A literal man-pig hybrid. Well ok, just kind of sort of. Researchers were able to inject human stem cells into a pig embryo. The pig-human hybryo (hey, we can make up things too) was injected into a sow for four weeks. At this point, tissue was able to grow, including heart and liver. This is a huge jump toward being able to grow usable organs for persons seeking transplants or needing a donor. It is also the first step toward something that Al Gore is super serial about, the dreaded ManBearPig. (Washington Post)

Apple’s Augmented Reality

Apple was granted (read issued) two patents that could be a big step toward a new augmented reality system for the tech giant. For those reading along at home and wondering what augmented reality is, let me quickly explain. Augmented reality is the act of overlaying digital or virtual objects into the real world. Think Pokemon Go or a hologram. (You’re welcome, mom) Now, Apple’s patents are for both hardware and software to examine surrounding environments and overlay augmented visuals in real time. We aren’t conspiracy theory people here at Tide TIPS, but we are connect-the-dot people. So breaking news, iPhone 8 will make Siri look like Princess Leia in R2D2’s message telling Obi-Wan that she’s her only hope. You heard it here first. (Apple Insider)

A New Way to Invest

Talking investments, especially to non-finance nerds, is quite frankly boring. Unfortunately, it’s also really necessary. When was the last time you really thought about your rainy day fund? Saving for retirement? And when you do think about it, do you know what you’re doing? Or do you feel overwhelmed and confused, then decide to kick this discussion and decision to another day? (Side note: this is my excuse for laundry and the dishes) Well, if you found yourself answering any of these questions with a yes, there is a new and simpler way to think about your investment portfolio. Micro-investment apps like Stash and Wise Banyan are here to help you take the ever important first step and really start understanding your long term finances. Even if you only grow them at $5 a month. This was really cool, and I think I may have to follow my own advice and check it out. (Fast Company)

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