Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 28


Tide TIPS: Volume 28

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See the way you breath

If there’s one real-world application college has taught me, it’s how to control my breath after sprinting to class and up three flights of stairs.  But a new innovation from CuteCircuit could give me away, as they’ve designed a dress that changes color with the wearer’s breathing patterns. The dress features graphene-enhanced sensors connected to a microprocessor that analyzes the data and changes the LED lights woven within the dress.  What is graphene? Technology’s new miracle material, with thousands of patents to implement graphene into solar panels, electriv vehicle batteries, even skyscrapers. Graphene is super-thin, super-strong, and super-flexible, with superb electricity and heat conductivity. Within a few years, you could be covered and surrounded in graphene. Think I’ll check out a few stock options now.. (CNN)

Be a Better Networker: The International Edition

Happy International Networking Week! If that third term made you cringe, we’re here to help. Baby steps to start: make eye contact, ask about the other person, don’t forget to smile (but not too much), and give a firm handshake. These are key to making a good impression and make others more inclined to spend time talking with you. Make sure you have a concise yet comprehensive elevator pitch, but end it with “Now tell me about yourself”. Networking should benefit bot parties, and both should walk away feeling like they’ve gained a valuable contact or insight. The legendary Rotary motto “Service above self” is helpful to remember in these situations. Network on. (Forbes)

Slack: Where Work Happens and You Get Paid

That after work Blue Moon is about to start calling your name even earlier into your workday. PayPal launched a payment bot this morning within the popular work chat platform Slack. Once installed, it’s easy as typing “/PayPal send $1000 to Laura” (hint hint boss-can student workers get bonuses?). This is PayPal’s first bot, but not their first integration into large platforms. You can send payments with PayPal through Facebook Messenger, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Outlook.  But today, the endless cycle of “I’ll get your next one” from Dan in Communications ends, and after reading this you’re forty-five seconds closer to that Blue Moon. (TechCrunch)

Thanks Gaga, Drones might be here to stay

Will Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show haunt you forever? It just might, whether you liked it or not. The drone technology, Intel Shooting Star, is gaining popularity with a wide application of potential uses. The same drones could also carry out search and rescue efforts more efficiently than humans, inspect hazardous areas, or even inspect crops. The drones communicate wirelessly with a central computer in order to synchronize their movements and even have the ability to adapt while in air. For now, the drones will continue to serve as entertainment but have a bright future for more practical applications as well. (Wired)

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