Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 30


Tide TIPS: Volume 30

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Entrepreneur Events This Week

Here at Tide TIPS we try our best to promote not only interesting articles but cool events that are worth attending. As luck would have it, there are two such events happening this very week that would be awesome to attend. The first is happening locally, here in T-Town, and that is The Edge Demo Day. For those that aren’t familiar, The Edge is a business incubator for start-up companies in Tuscaloosa. A simplified description of an incubator would be a place where businesses can get cost effective office space, access to business resources, and receive mentorship. So this Friday, current Edge tenants will showcase their businesses to the public. The event is from 11:30 to 3 at the Bryant Conference Center. The second event is the Alabama Launchpad semi-final pitch event. It’s happening in Birmingham at Evonik off Lakeshore Drive. The first pitch starts at 9 AM. You can read a detailed description of the event here. If you are a fan of Shark Tank, then this is very much an event for you. Our office will be attending both events. Laura, The Johann, and I will be at Launchpad, while Rick and Whitney are making like Chip and Joanna by heading to Demo Day. I’ll let you decide where the cool kids will be hanging out. So, see you in Birmingham.

One Patent Decision to Rule Them All

Last week there was a major patent ruling that had some pretty big effects on the patent world. Essentially what you need to know here is that both Cal-Berkeley and the Broad Institute (a collaborative group from Harvard and MIT) had invented very similar things within a very close time of one another. The inventions, an edited version of the naturally occurring CRISPR, can edit DNA and possibly change the way we address many medical applications from fighting cancer to growing new organs for donors on waiting lists. Last week, the Patent Appeals Board essentially ruled in favor of the Broad Institute, making them the preemptive leaders for the exclusive rights to CRISPR tech. Both of these patents were backed by a ton of money – maybe literally— in hopes of obtaining the exclusivity to use CRISPR for gene editing purposes. With the amount of money involved, you can almost be certain the Patent Appeals Board decision will be appealed to Federal and maybe even the Supreme courts. To contextualize this in terms of Tolkien, our world has been given many patent battles before, but this might just be the Sauron’s ring of patent battles. The one patent battle to rule them all. (STATNews)

Brutal Honesty is the Best Thing for Entrepreneurs

When you’re starting your own business, you can be very impressionable to the advice of others. You want to make sure you are doing everything as correct as possible. This article from entrepreneurs suggests that some people might be lying to you. In fact, there are five very common lies that entrepreneurs are routinely told. This is obviously not a good thing for aspiring business moguls. The one thing the author claims that is good is sheer brutal honesty. Pitch your idea to someone and ask them to pay for it. What they say next will probably be the most valuable feedback you can receive. So, it doesn’t matter how much data you have or customer discovery you do, you just need brutal honesty. And to receive that, our office would advise a conversation with Whitney Hough. (Entrepreneur)

Famous Founders Captured in Infographic

Ever wonder how Bill Gates got to where he is? Jeff Bezos? Elon Musk? Maybe you’ve wondered how Pokemon Go actually became a thing. Well, if you find yourself wondering any of these things, we have great news for you. This link is a very robust list of infographics detailing the lives of famous founders and how they got their start. Addditionally, it has some other really helpful graphics for startup owners. Such as metrics you should know and how startups are valuated. It is very much worth a look. Mark Zuckerberg is included, but you can watch his infographic in movie form. A film in which Justin Timberlake is the best part. But who are we kidding, when is JT not the best part of something? (FundersandFounders.com)

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