Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 31


Tide TIPS: Volume 31

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You’ll Never Look at Waste the Same

“It may look like garbage to somebody else, but it looks like money to us.” That’s a quote from John Brown, the Chief Operating Officer of Inventure Renewables, a chemical company operating right here in Tuscaloosa, AL. What John means by the quote is that Inventure researches and engineers methods to take waste byproducts and convert them into usable products through the magic that is chemistry. (As one of the only non-chemist employees at OTT, I get to call it magic.) Since Inventure is located here in town, we are of course familiar with them. It’s great to see the company, who we know as Mark & Rusty, get the publicity they deserve. (AL.com)

How Well Are You Sleeping?

Don’t know the answer to this question? Well, Fitbit thinks you should. Their latest products, particularly the Alta HR, can give you detailed information about your last snooze session. The company believes that their new technology will be so good, it could rival visits to professional sleep labs. They will do this through their improved heart rate sensor and monitoring. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, I thought Fitbit was an activity and fitness tracker? You would be correct in that thought. However, the company wants to grow and become a more robust and comprehensive fitness and lifestyle tracker. Because, you know, a complete fitness plan doesn’t just include lifting weights and spin class, but a well-balanced diet and proper rest. It’s the old sayings go, bicep curls get the girls, abs are made in the kitchen, and great sleep includes a watch with more tech and processing power than the rocket that went to the moon. (Fast Company)

Quantum Computing and the Race to Create It

Quantum computing is surely a buzzword you have heard thrown around lately. Do you know what it is? How it works or what it does? No? Neither do we. Well, at least not exactly. Essentially, quantum computing is an exponential improvement to traditional computing—what your current computer uses. Currently, computers use transistors that change from a 1 or 0. Quantum computers would be able to be more than a 1 or 0. In fact, they could be multiple values at once like 00, 01, 10, or 11. Quadrupling the values theoretically means quadrupling computing speed. This will be a huge paradigm when it becomes commercial reality. This is why companies like IBM and Google as striving to have it completed within the next five years. Rick and I agree that this could be the single most impactful invention of our generation. So, we are keeping a close eye on it. (Wired)

Avoid These Phrases if You Want to Sound Smarter

I chose this title because rephrasing the actual title of the article – “9 Phrases Smart People Never Use In Conversation” to “9 Phrases Dumb People Always Use In Conversation” sounded downright insulting. Especially after I read and realized I use at least three of the phrases almost daily. So, in an attempt to help all of us be better conversationalists, read the phrases you should never use, courtesy of Entrepreneur.  (Entrepreneur)

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