Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 32


Tide TIPS: Volume 32

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Return of the Pandemic

It is scary to think about, but it could happen. Since the introduction of antibiotics, pandemic like diseases have been kept in check. In the days before things like penicillin, contracted a disease like Tuberculosis meant almost certain death. In today’s modern society of high-quality medication, those instances have all but disappeared. That could be changing as bacteria have built up resistance to our prescription antibiotics. This could mean that things that have been routinely treated in the past can cause greater than expected damage in the near future. Luckily, scientists are working on new ways of attacking viruses and bacteria. This is one of many reasons why the CRISPR case we talked about weeks ago was such a big deal. (Wired)

Strong as Silk

No, I did not mean smooth. A new company is making high-performance clothing out silk fibers that are modeled after spider webs. The company, Bolt Threads, studied the tensile strength of spider spun silk threads for tensile strength, elasticity, durability, and softness. No spiders were harmed in the making of their product – as a huge arachnophobe it wouldn’t have bothered me – but their product doesn’t actually use anything from spiders at all. It is actually spun from fermented yeast, the same stuff that makes beer.  Really really cool stuff. Currently, they just have ties available but are looking to quickly expand to other products. So mom if you’re reading, here’s an earlier hint at a Christmas gift. (Bolt Threads)

Needleless Vaccination

Do you hate needles? I do. Like a lot. It’s the number one reason why you won’t see this guy hopping in on the tattoo trend. Ever. For this exact same reason, I despise vaccines. I imagine a lot of you feel the same way. Recently, researchers at Cal-Berkeley developed a method of administering vaccinations without needles. What they have developed is a nifty little device that shoots the vaccine into your inner cheek and is then absorbed by the mucosal layer. They have much testing to get through, but maybe one day soon you won’t have to worry about wrestling crying kids to get a shot. (MedGadget)

Awesome Mars Video

Unfortunately, this video of the Red Planet doesn’t involve Matt Damon. However, it does involve some amazing flyover video of what looks like a barren wasteland to me. According to the video’s creator, it took nearly 3 months to create and visualize. It is well worth your next 4 minutes to check it out though. (Wired)

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