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The Path to Better Internet

If you are anything like me, then you get furious when the internet goes out. Seriously, nothing can get my blood boiling faster than when I don’t have any internet. If you are like me too, you would like to see more competition and consumer friendly pricing. Of course, this doesn’t happen since these internet service providers have essential regional monopolies, and you have no realistic alternative options. This article proposes an option that was quite fascinating: licensing. One of the main reasons there isn’t much competition is only a few companies have the infrastructure necessary to provide the internet. So, the licensing idea would allow for these large infrastructures to be chopped up and accessed by many smaller companies to increase competition. Very interesting and highly recommend this read. (Wired)


The Coolest Band Aid Ever

Fortunately, I’ve never broken a bone. **knocks on wood** But, I can use my eyes to look and see that casts and other long term bandages are awful. They aren’t just awful for the wearer, but also the doctor. You see, what you can’t see, is exactly how the wound is healing when it’s wrapped up. Scientists at Swansea University want to use 3D printed bandages with tons of nanosensors to monitor the healing rate of injuries and transmit this data over 5G to the doctors. Talk about needing to get better and more reliable internet. (Entrepreneur)

Sudoku doesn’t mean smarter

Brain games, such as crossword puzzles and Sudoku, are popular approaches to protect and improve your brain’s cognitive functions. These sort of games are particularly hip and trendy with the baby boomer crowd, like my now retired dad. (Side note: he loves Sudoku, but really likes to show his acceptance of technology by only doing the ones that come in the newspaper. Despite the fact his caring and loving son downloading him an app for his iPad. I digress…) Science has a bone to pick with these games though. Mainly because there isn’t any evidence to back up that they actually improve your brain’s functionality. Brain games are a big business, totaling billions of dollars in annual revenue. The claims on these games have been so misleading that the FTC even fined one company $2 million. Scientists instead say to exercise more, or even combine brain games with your exercising. So dad, take your Sudoku and ride the stationary bike, ok? (ScienceBlog)

Podcasts: What it is and why you should be listening

Some company called Facebook is having a big event this week, so most new sources we use are too busy prognosticating and pontificating about what will happen there. Mainly, how Mark Zuckerberg is responsible for gullible people believing everything they read on the internet. Poor Mark, and good luck with that one. So, in light of a slow news week, I wanted to discuss a technology that I recently realized that not everyone is familiar with, podcasts. I discovered this as I was telling my parents that they simply had to listen to S-Town, a podcast about a rural town in Alabama, and they basically had no idea what a podcast was. In essence, a podcast is an on-demand audio file that you can listen to through your smartphone. Explaining this to my parents got me wondering, how prevalent are podcasts? The answer: very. Last year the podcast numbers boomed to around annual ad revenue of a half billion dollars. Many venture capitalists are even throwing gobs of many at new podcasts. It is really quite the interesting business model because the barriers to entry are technically low, but to attain success you need to churn out high-quality content. I’d recommend this read on podcasts, as well as checking out S-Town. (NiemanLab) 

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