Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 38


Tide TIPS: Volume 38

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Bangalore Has a Water Mafia Problem

I don’t think this was any sort of secret. By now, it is relatively well known that some of the Indian population lives in less than desirable conditions. But, what if I told that by 2020 the city of Bangalore will have nearly 2 million IT professionals living and working in the city? By comparison, the United States has 3 million IT professionals in the entire country. So, you have 2 million high skilled workers in one city, and they can’t get drinkable water, why? Well, quite frankly, their infrastructure sucks, they have unusually high temperatures causing withering droughts (thanks, climate change), and they don’t have the capability to treat the water. To combat this, companies have formed that will ship water in by the truckloads. Around this newly formed industry, a “water mafia” has formed. This mafia colludes together to set prices across the board, threatens would be water shippers with force, and coerce customers into buying minimum numbers of truckloads whether they need it or not. Essentially, you have modern bootlegging and organized crime, but in India. Because, you know, that’s how life’s essential beverage should be handled. Caution: This is a long read, but very much worth it. (Wired)

How to identify and avoid common problems with your small business

So, you’ve started a small business. This is awesome, you blue blooded American, you. However, the dark side of this news is a grim reality: One out of every five small businesses fail within their first year. That increases to 50 and 80 percent by year five and ten respectively. There is hope for you though. If you can identify common pitfalls most small businesses have, then you can increase your odds of not falling into them. Our friends at Hubspot have put together a convenient list of these problems and have even told you how to solve them. So, when your business doesn’t fail, be sure to credit Tide TIPS. (Hubspot)

Be Successful While Sleeping In

Ever hear those stories about all those stories about successful CEOs that get up and practically do a day’s work before the sun rises? So, naturally, you think that if I’m ever going to be successful, then I too must be an early riser. Well, this simply isn’t true as one successful entrepreneur explains. The real thing that matters is getting adequate rest and knowing when your most productive hours are. So, sleep in. Stay up late. Just make sure everything gets done. (Entrepreneur)

How Smart People Have Conversations

As the resident rambler here at OTT, I love these articles. You see, I inherited from my mother the desire to talk, and a lot. So, if I can get better at something I really enjoy doing, then, by all means, I love it. This article does a great job of articulating what smart people do to start and continue conversations. Things like open-ended questions, paraphrasing what you heard, and simply shutting up to let the other person speak. All quality things that lead to great conversations. So, I’ll shut up and end things here. Especially after I wrote enough about water in India for four weeks of TIPS. (Inc)

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