Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 39


Tide TIPS: Volume 39

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TEMPTaction: A great way to give a presentation

Do you have glossophobia? Odds are you do. Glossophbia, or the fear of public speaking, is something that nearly 75% of Americans have. However, Tide TIPS is here to help you through this fear with a little article on how to deliver the very best presentation/pitch every time. This can be achieved through the five steps in the acronym TEMPTaction. They stand for Touch, Eye Contact, Movement, Paralanguage, and Training. In short, you need to make an emotional connection with your audience so they feel touched by your message. To reinforce your message and build trust, make sure to make eye contact with the audience, then move physically and guide your audience through your points into an actionable conclusion. You should use good paralanguage, or non-verbal communicators, to convey the nuances of your message. Finally, train means practice, practice, practice. This is a great reference for anyone who has a public speaking engagement on the horizon.  (Entrepreneur)

The Self-Driving Car Revolution Will Happen from Inside-Out

By inside, we mean the interior where passengers sit, not the engines or computers. According to this Wired article, the demand for autonomous cars will come from consumers wanting a better riding experience, not something insignificant and frivolous such as say, safety. Instead of windshields and forward facing seats, cars of the future could have lounge chairs, spinning chairs, or desk chairs. I really like the article’s optimism on car rides turning into more productive experiences, but I really see it more as a better opportunity to argue over where we’re going to dinner.  (Wired)

New Awesome Technology: What takes so long to make money?

It’s really hard for people not in tech transfer to understand why some new awesome technology isn’t already making a bazillion dollars. Sometimes they think that technology will be so good that the market will just naturally adopt it and cash will flow like the Nile. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. As this article explains, it’s often the surrounding technology that limits adoption. Let’s take 3D TV’s for example. Why didn’t those work? They were cool technology, hell my parents even bought one—mainly for the grandkids, but why didn’t everyone else? Well, while the TV’s themselves were cool, hardly anyone could broadcast programming in 3D on a consistent basis. So, people just didn’t buy them. This is how most newly developed technology works. Except with microfluid processors. (MIT Tech Review)

Get People to Respond to Your Email

And the most helpful article of the day is the last one. If you are like me, you hate when you write an awesome email and then people don’t respond to it. If you are also like me, then the email probably wasn’t that awesome to start. So, to actually write awesome emails busy people will respond to, follow these simple 9 steps.  (Hubspot)

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