Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 43


Tide TIPS: Volume 43

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Entrepreneurism is now a personality

I think this basically sums what we all know and what any girl that has ever dated me would confirm. Entrepreneur minded people just have different and unique personality traits than other people. So what if we would rather spend our dinner dates discussing how the restaurant’s business model could be improved? Well, now the people that conduct the personality test, Myers-Briggs, have confirmed that entrepreneurs are more likely to have an N (intuition) and P (perceiving) in their personality traits. In case you are wondering, I’m ENTJ. What are you? (Inc)

An Email Hack to Improve Productivity

Email is an absolutely necessary evil. How do you operate in today’s world without it? Between you and me, I could do with a few less reply-all threads. If you’ve ever wondered why apps like Slack became so popular, it’s because people hate email. But, have you ever considered that you don’t have to answer every email the moment you get it? Novel concept, I know. Well, if you would like to take back your work day and get things done, then schedule times to answer email. At least twice a day, depending on the volume you get. To determine those times, you have to do something unheard of: don’t answer a single email for an entire day. The next day, look for patterns to determine when your peak email receiving times are and put a 30-minute block on your schedule each day just for emails at this time. Voila! You have now successfully taken your workday back.  (Hubspot)

Innovation Starts with Leadership

The title might be a little misleading, so let’s explain. Innovation doesn’t have to start with leadership, but it must be encouraged by leaders. Whether those are high-level C-Suite style leaders or just mid-level managers, it is leadership’s responsibility to encourage employees to think outside of the box. To further the encouragement, leaders should clearly communicate what employees should do to act on their ideas. Finally, good innovative leaders will develop a reward system that incentivizes employees to think outside the box. The sad reality is that if good leaders don’t do this, then high quality, innovative employees will leave to find places where their thinking is fostered and valued. Just remember, people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses, management, and leadership. (Entrepreneur)

CRISPR: Farmer’s Best Friend

If you will remember, several volumes of TIPS back we discussed the landmark patent legal case that involves CRISPR, or the ability to manipulate and change genetics. (Editor’s note: that’s a very simple way of describing that.) While CRISPR is a long way from helping you get that beach body without a gym or the guys from Nip/Tuck, it is very close to growing awesome crops. Essentially, CRISPR could pseudo-biologists, or farmers as we know, how to optimize their seed strains to yield the best possible crops. If it wasn’t already obvious, this is mainly due to the lack of moral obligations with manipulating plant genetics as opposed to human genomes. Very interesting food for thought in our increasingly global economy. (Wired)

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