Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 45


Tide TIPS: Volume 45

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What’s in a firework?

How fortuitous of WIRED to publish this article just in time for us to post in Tide TIPS. But seriously, haven’t you ever wondered what’s on the inside of these things? Sure, gun powder is an easy guess, but what the heck is even in that? Would you be shocked if I told you that fireworks involve lots of salts? No, not necessarily the one you are about to dowse that potato salad in. (WIRED)

How to Disagree and Still Have Conversations

Have we ever needed anything more in the country? It seems like today every agrees wholeheartedly with each other, or they are mortal enemies. There really isn’t much in between. So, if you would like to talk to someone who isn’t your parents (they might not even agree with you either, mine don’t) then you may want to follow these tips. Today at your July 4th celebration is as good of a time as any to try them out. You will notice that too many beverages by the pool aren’t one of the tips. So, you’re on your own for that one. (Hubspot)

How to Recharge Over the Holiday

You get holidays off for a reason. I know this may shock you, especially all you beach goers out there, but they are supposed to be more relaxing than your average work day. Like I said, shocking. However, if you play your cards right then you can actually relax and recharge over the holidays. Little things like taking time to yourself, breathing and then responding to your cousin you hardly see, getting outside, and reflecting over some accomplishments are all good ways to fuel back up to get back on the grind. This Fourth of July, get outside to reflect and watch the rockets’ red glare, breathe and zone out listening to the bombs burst in the air, and stay calm to keep faith through the night that you won’t throat punch that annoying family member. (Entrepreneur)

Stop Buying Bottled Water, Please

For all that is holy in the world, please stop buying bottled water. Seriously. Throughout the world, we use nearly 500 billion plastic water bottles a year. By the year 2021, we are estimated to consume 580 billion plastic water bottles. You wanna know how much of those will come from recycled plastic? 7%…. SEVEN! That’s only 40.6 billion bottles by 2021 that will come from recycled plastic. 35 billion by current standards. What’s the solution to this problem you might ask? Like most things, there is unfortunately not a simple fix. But, we should all continue to do our share for cleaner air by drinking out of reusable water bottles and recycling when you just must use a plastic water bottle. (Fast Company)

Bonus Article: The History of the Popsicle

It has patents, started in a test tube, and probably wouldn’t be so popular without stainless steel. I didn’t believe it either. (WIRED)

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