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Umbrella Sharing Company Loses 300,000 Umbrellas

Uhhhh, ya think? This is what I thought when I first read this headline. I mean, who would have ever thought that people would lose an umbrella. It’s not like people set these things down and walk off and forget about them or anything. So, what is this company going to do to counteract this? Introduce 30 million more umbrellas to be shared. This should go swimmingly well. (Shanghaiist)

Who inspires the people that inspire?

Sounds a little bit like inspirational inception. I mean haven’t you ever wondered who gives the tips to the guy that gives you the tips? This article takes a look at how leaders draw inspiration from other leaders. These are probably not what you think, either. Like how a Victoria Secret model inspires others to continually learn. Then there are some you might expect, like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. All in all, definitely cool to get some perspective from others. (Inc)

The BMC and Why it Gets You Funded

First of all, what is the BMC? The BMC, or Business Model Canvas, is a tool to help you organize your business from all aspects. It may seem a little rudimentary, but I would argue that this tool is imperative. Most of the times, new businesses fail to examine everything about their business, even the little things like key resources or that cost you thought was minimal. One good thing about the BMC, is that it is a living document. It changes with you as your business grows. If you want to get funding and succeed, then you need to have a well kept BMC. (HuffPost)

GIFs and Emojis, Now more effective than words

Well, that’s at least according to two thirds of Millennials. Shocking, I know. Now, I’m not a big emoji guy, but if you follow us on Twitter you know that we love a good GIF. So, in that sense I guess I would have to agree with the two-thirds. Surprisingly, 40% of people 65 and older said that GIFs and emojis were more effective. Who would ever have thought we would essentially revert back to hieroglyphics. (Time)

Bonus: Can you draw the states?

We tried this late last week and had some fun with it. Give it a try and send your attempts to us on Facebook and Twitter (@UAtechtransfer).

Click Here to Draw the States

Here is mine:

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