Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 47


Tide TIPS: Volume 47

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March Through That To-Do List

It’s been a while since we’ve had a to-do list/productivity post. If you are a frequent reader of Tide TIPS then you know that these are probably my favorite posts to read/make fun of. I think I make fun of them because people read these and think they will magically turn into a super high productivity person. I’ll admit, that I drink the kool-aid on this sometimes too. For instance, I’m now listening to lots of classical and film score music because it is supposed to help increase productivity. (AKA limit your singing.) This article does have a couple good points though. For example, limiting the list to just six items and time blocking are two that I will immediately adopt. (Fast Company)

Things You Can’t Learn in Biz School

I went to business school and have an MBA. You wouldn’t know it by the number of times my mother tries to explain to me how credit cards work, but I digress. With this link, it examines some things that you just simply can’t learn, especially not in business school. Chief among them is common sense, probably the most sought after skill in today’s society. Because with common sense you can do things like not spend more money than you make, otherwise known as working a credit card. (Entrepreneur)

Millennials Are Buying Houses the Most Millennial Way Ever

The answer, crowd funding. Most millennials cannot afford homes these days. This is due to various reasons, from lower income jobs to those darn things called student loans. Regardless, the disposable income amongst America’s largest age demographic is low for these type of large scale purchases. So, to counteract this a new startup has created a thing called eFund. With eFund, people can purchase shares, a minimum number of 10 at $100 each, in the fund. The fund will then go to renovate houses and sell them to fund members at a discounted rate compared to a broker. Cool stuff. (Business Insider)

Cool Apple Patent – The 911 Fingerprint Call

This week the USPTO published a patent from Apple that shows they are planning to offer iPhone users the ability to contact emergency services by using their fingerprints. The imagined situation this would be useful in would if an attacker or assailant is watching. The user would be able to do this through a series of predetermined taps or pressure applied to the home button. In essence, it is Apple’s version of the panic button bank tellers have at their desks. Typically, I’m pretty pumped to use the new features has to offer. This is certainly one I hope I never have to use. (CNN)

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