Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 48


Tide TIPS: Volume 48

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Solar Eclipse Means Cool Science Happens

Unless you have been living under a figurative or literal rock, you have probably heard that there will be a solar eclipse happening later this month. Just so everyone is on the same page, a solar eclipse is when the moon blocks out the light from the sun. Even though the Moon is roughly 400 times smaller than the sun, it is roughly 400 times closer to Earth, and thus can block out the light for a small time frame. Not only does this mean things will get darker, but lots of cool science stuff will be going on. Essentially, this is the Super Bowl for astronomers. Unfortunately for us here in Alabama, we won’t be in the total eclipse path, which means things won’t get so dark for us. The good news is that you can drive up to Nashville for some viewing. Just watch out for traffic delays. 

Apple Trespasses on Wisconsin’s Property

Ok, so this may be slightly misleading, but not really. You see, patent infringement is very much like trespassing. This is because a patent is a form of property, ergo intellectual property. In the same vein of people walking on yards without permission, companies using a patent that doesn’t belong to them is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Especially if that illegal use results in say, I don’t know, millions of dollars in iPhone sales. So, Wisconsin sued Apple for infringement and won. They were awarded $4.35 per unit in which their patented tech was used. Due to the mild popularity of Apple products in recent years, that amounted to $506 million dollars. (ARS Technica)

VC’s Weigh in on How to Pitch an Idea – Don’t Skip just because it says VC

I put that disclaimer in the title because my mother told me that sometimes people skip these stories if it relates to business. (Talk about a self-esteem booster. I mean my own mother…) However, I’m glad you stuck in here despite the fact the title says VC and you think you don’t have an idea to pitch. But in reality, you do. We all do on a near daily basis. In this world of rapid communication, we all make quick decisions on whether we think an idea is good or not. So, we as people need to be more effective in our conveyances of ideas. This means wiping the word “better” from our pitch. No more vast overestimations. And for heaven’s sake, tell me exactly what it is you want to do. Not this sketchy beat around the bush non-sense. Tell me we are going to Chick fil a because the food is of superior quality, the service will cut down wait time by 50%, we will accurately get our food the first time, and by the time the meal has been fastidiously consumed, that extra $2 you paid will have been as worth it as those crispy waffle fries. Now, go forth and conquer. (Fast Company)

Two Pizzas: The Rule for Effective Meetings

In the spirit of this article, I’ll keep this one succinct. If you can’t feed your meeting’s attendees with two pizzas, you have too many people at the meeting. Smaller groups can work in a more agile fashion. Larger groups tend to drown people out and discourage them from speaking up. This is all according to Jeff Bezos, the new richest man in the world. He did not, however, mention anything about toppings. So, knock your socks off there. (Yahoo Finance)

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