Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 5


Tide TIPS: Volume 5

You are reading Tide TIPS, a weekly round-up of all things Technology, Innovation, Patent, and Startup related.


Crowdfunding 101: Not just Kickstarter anymore

Since Kickstarter busted on the scene, crowdfunding has exploded in popularity. I’d dare to say most people know the word crowdfunding by now. I would also dare to say that most people don’t know the depth to which the word extends. Crowdfunding is now much more than just Kickstarter. This article from TechCo, will help you grasp the basics of crowdfunding and how to successfully plan, launch, and run a crowdfunding campaign. (TechCo)

Death to death by PowerPoint

Ever sat through a slug of a presentation? One that put you to sleep faster than that Jigglypuff you were catching instead of listening? Do you ever dread that you are going to be that kind of presenter? Don’t fret. There is no reason to be that guy. Here are some helpful tips to conducting short, yet effective presentations. (Fast Company)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Startup Style

When starting an entrepreneurial venture, no one feels like they know what they are doing. Everyone clings to trying to just not mess up. It’s super easy to focus on all the wrong things and head down the wrong path. So, if you really want to do things the right way, don’t commit these seven deadly sins of entrepreneurship. (Groove)

Re-Tip: Meet, Drink, Innovate – Tuscaloosa Entrepreneur Meetup

If you are interested in any, or all, of the following: beer, good conversation, and innovation, then we have the event for you. A meetup of Tuscaloosa entrepreneurs has been scheduled for August 11 at the Alcove Tavern. So, if you are interested in entrepreneurship because of your own venture, or just looking to plug into the community, by all means stop by. A wise man once said that beer leads to good conversation, and good conversation leads to great innovation. Ok, so maybe that wise man was me, but you get the picture. Come test my wisdom at the event. See you there. (Meetup)

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