Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 50


Tide TIPS: Volume 50

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The Non- Boring Way to Tell People What You Do

I more than anyone can relate to boring people by trying to explain what I do for a living. Heck, I still don’t think I’ve explained it well enough for my mom to understand. If you work in a non-traditional role, like technology transfer or free lance writing, it can be hard and boring to explain to people what you do. So, how do you do it? Bring things down to their level by finding something relatable that they can understand. For example, I typically say that I help people that invent things get patent protection and then monetize their invention. Is that all the details of my job? No, of course not. Which brings us to the second point of don’t try and explain every detail of your job. If someone is interested, please believe they will ask questions. Finally, if you can literally show them an example of your work, that’s best. That’s why football season makes my explanation much easier thanks to the sideline tent. (Fast Company)

Phone Calls vs Emails, Which is more effective?

Spoiler alert: talking to people in real time gets things done faster. I know it’s hard to imagine that typing out lengthy detailed emails isn’t as time efficient as five minute or less phone calls, but that’s what the author of this article found. Essentially, this person responded to a large bulk of emails with “Call me.” Over the course of the experiment, he found that he was able solve problems faster and preemptively move on to other ones. He was able to build better relationships with customers and colleagues alike. While some of the downsides were playing phone tag a little bit, waiting on responses is a problem almost every type of communication. So, take a little tip and become a phone guy instead of email guy. (Fast Company)

Just Get It Done: The Best Company Motto?

Obviously, you want your employees to finish tasks and accomplish goals. But how do you empower them to do so? How do you empower any team to accomplish things on a grand scale? Instill a mentality that is one part determination, one part ingenuity, and one part laziness. Yes, laziness. The thinking is that you want people to work smarter, not harder. It doesn’t matter how little or much time it takes, all that matters is getting it done. The company behind this article likes the just get it done mentality. They set big goals, educate their team members on the pipeline to accomplish them, and give them autonomy to make decisions and take actions that will help them move further along until, you guessed it, stuff gets done. (Entrepreneur)

The Best Books from Every State

This last one is a little out of our topic range, but I still thought it was fun. It’s a, clearly subjective, list of the best books set it every state. Sometimes taking a break to read is what we really need to be productive. If you had To Kill A Mockingbird in your office pool of best books from Alabama, then congrats. (Travel & Leisure)

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