Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 52


Tide TIPS: Volume 52

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Automotive Patents are on the Rise

Last year patents from the 10 largest car manufacturers were up 110%. This is because all of these companies want to make and protect the next big thing that will be ubiquitous in the automotive industry. Companies that patent the next big idea will not only have the advantage of being the first to market, but they can also generate additional revenue by licensing the technology to other companies. For example, the technology for Toyota’s Prius was eventually licensed out to other companies like Ford. A big shout out to Dr. Paul Drnevich for this tip. Thanks for the tip and as always, if you have a tip please send them over. I’m Ben at bhbickerstaff@ua.edu. (Wall Street Journal)

How Useful is your Email Signature?

A lot of us take this space for granted. It’s just a collection of contact information that we routinely insert at the end of our messages. What you should be doing is capitalizing on this virtual real estate and having it convert your recipient into an action taker. Here are some interesting ways to turn your signature into an effective call to action. (Hubspot)

Twitter is Trying to Expand to 280 Characters

I’ll just be frank, I hate this. The thing I liked the most about Twitter was that the brevity of the character limit forced you to be creative in how you deliver your message. This kept the longwinded status updaters that run rampant on Facebook out. Now, they are testing out doubling their character limit to 280. I really hope this test goes awfully for Twitter and they decide against this. If it’s more revenue they are after, I will gladly pay a small nominal fee for Twitter. Should they include access to a premium publication like the Wall Street Journal I would pay even more. Make this happen Twitter, not more space for useless words. (Fast Company)

Business Clichés People Can’t Stand

We all know these. The phrases that everyone overuses that just drive you nuts. But which ones are actually the most annoying? Well, after a totally necessary scientific survey this has been definitively determined. “Think outside the box” was voted the most annoying business cliché. Followed by “synergy” and “bandwidth.” Other annoying aspects of business that the study included were 30-minute meetings that turn into hour-long nonsensical discussions. I for one, second that. (Entrepreneur)

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