Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 54


Tide TIPS: Volume 54

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Make the Most of Your Meetings

I’ll admit that I never understood the hoopla about meetings before my professional career got going. I even thought that meetings used to be pretty fun. Boy, was I wrong. There is nothing worse than being in a meeting that gets off the rails quickly. Luckily, you are a faithful Tide TIPS reader, so we won’t let you lead anything but the best meetings from now on. Here is an infographic of the most common time wasters that occur in meetings and some easy ways around them. Not pictured but one of my personal pet peeves: Make sure everyone knows what the action items from the meeting are and what they should do next. (SmallBizTrends)

Mark Your Calendars – Events galore

In the next few weeks, we have some events that you should attend. First, later this week there is an event at The Edge with entrepreneur Justin Fenchel of BeatBox. You can see their Shark Tank pitch here. On Friday, Justin will be available to give some feedback to entrepreneurs in the community. Next, we have a pitch competition coming up on November 13th at the Tuscaloosa River Market. The event is appropriately named River Pitch. On November 3rd, venture capitalist Mike Wohl will be at The Edge to give feedback on pitches for the River Pitch, or just pitches in general. Finally, yours truly will be speaking at the inaugural entrepreneurship meetup. This is a new initiative from members of the community to create a cohesive entrepreneurial ecosystem. You can RSVP for that here.

Stop Being Everything to Everyone – It doesn’t work

When you are starting a company, or trying to market an existing one, the trap most people fall into is trying to appeal to the broadest possible audience. What you should actually be doing is finding a niche group of people and marketing to them as hard as possible. These are typically the early adopters or brand loyalists. What you might be wondering is won’t this disenfranchise some of my customer base? While this might true to an extent, it is the core group that will really be the bread and butter of the business. Who knew that guys had it right all along when they said they had a thing for blondes, brunettes, etc. They weren’t alienating other women, just finding their core group. (Entrepreneur)

Better, Shorter Emails

In our quest to make our readers the best email writers ever, we have a great article for you. This article has some fantastic methods to make those long emails you are writing shorter and more effective. From getting rid of long pleasantries to limiting your comma usage, there are several tips that we are all guilty of doing. Especially this guy. What I also like about this article is that it has actual examples of their suggested tips in action. Could be worth a bookmark. (FastCompany)

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