Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 55


Tide TIPS: Volume 55

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Writing Made Easy 

We are always looking for improvement and for me, it’s writing. You’re always writing. I am writing right now, you could be or are about to write a text or email. However, we sometimes don’t even realize the mistakes that are made in our own writing. By using these simple tips we can significantly improve our writing habits every single day. (Entrepreneur)

The Most Influential Websites…Ever

Where would we be without Google? I, for one, would probably still be looking for a destination I needed to find in 2013, aimlessly wandering and wishing I had some sort of online tool to instantly tell me its exact location. The World Wide Web turns 27 this year, and to celebrate, we’re taking a look at the 15 most influential websites. Obviously, Google tops the list, but can you guess the other 14? They’ll shock you more than the fact we’ve had Internet for 27 years but haven’t figured out how to download food. (Time)

Entrepreneurs, they think differently than most

I’m sure that came of no surprise, but pinpointing exactly how they do might. Would you be shocked to know that entrepreneurs typically have acute control of their emotions? That they are good at delegating and distributing responsibility? (Side note: This is probably why I’m not as good of entrepreneur as I think. I don’t delegate as well as I should. Unless it’s to my dad, I make that guy do a lot stuff, notably fund things.) What may not surprise you is the entrepreneurs typically identify problems before others. That’s why they are successful after all. One thing they do better than most is measure the outcomes and analyze how they can be improved. My father will also tell you I’m quite good at this. Especially when I measure that our tasks for the day took five hours and analyze that it should have taken one. But I also analyze that the new baseboards in my bathroom look lovely. Thanks Dad (Entrepreneur)

Optimism as a Problem Solving Tool

Full disclosure: I’m a huge optimist. Always have been and always will be. I feel like Bradley Cooper in Silver Lining’s Playbook because I’m always looking for the bright side. (The post divorce and therapy Bradley, not pre. In fairness, I do imagine I would be a lot different person if I met Jennifer Lawrence too, but I digress.) But what you may have never considered is that optimism can be a great tool for solving your problems, particularly when they arise in a team setting. The first step to using this is identifying the bad. After all, if you can lock down what’s bad in a situation, you can’t spin it into a positive. Next, look for partial solutions. Really, just look for anything that garners momentum for positivity. Create an atmosphere of optimism even if others aren’t. Be the Michael Jordan of positivity by making all the other players on your team better at optimism. A good way to do this is to assume that everyone else on the team has the best intentions at heart, so that affects the project/team etc. in a positive manner. For example, I truly do think that my dad has the best intentions of making my new bathroom look impeccable. It’s just the analytical part of my brain says it can be done in a quarter of the time. (Fast Company)

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