Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 56


Tide TIPS: Volume 56

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Never again will you not get McDonald’s Ice Cream

This might be the best day yet. There has been an app that is created to let you know where the best, working McDonald’s ice cream machine is. Never again are we going to have to get up and drive to McDonald’s and face the disappointing feeling of the ice cream machines being broken. Hope this brightens your Tuesday! (Inc)

Is it color or colour?

Have you ever looked at a brand and the color that represents it? I haven’t for sure, but after reading this article I will now. Every color in a brand name represents and states something about the brand. The infographic in this article demonstrates how well-known brands use colors to demonstrate their values. (Hubspot)

Happiness is definitely contagious.

I am a true believer in the saying “Good Vibes Only.” No one ever wants to be surrounded by negative people because in reality that is only going to make you less motivated and also negative. Consider it a ripple effect. If you surround yourself with happy people, that will positively influence you to have that same happiness. (Time)

What your email signature says about you

Whether you are sending an introduction email or promoting an event, your email signature can be the next secret step into building your network. Making sure it’s clear and exciting, will help anyone looking at you or your profile can quickly understand your purpose. (Hubspot)

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