Tide TIPS: Technology, Innovation, Patents, Startups Volume 6


Tide TIPS: Volume 6 – The Olympics Edition

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Wearable Tech Makes it to the Olympics

Wearable tech has been growing in popularity for the past several years. So, the fact it made its way to the Olympics should come as no surprise. From cyclists to gymnasts, athletes from a wide range of events are sporting – pun oh so intended – bits of technology that help them optimize their performance. Wearable tech wasn’t just for the athletes, though. A new company is testing out a wearable mobile payment system. Who knows, by the time the Olympics roll into Tokyo, we may very well have full-blown cyborgs. Hopefully, they will be more like the Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar man, and less like Skynet’s T-800. (iTech Post)

Gold Doesn’t Equal Bank Rolls

It’s hard out there for Olympians. Both on their respective playing fields and making ends meet. All that time spent training and honing your craft doesn’t exactly leave much time for a full-time career. Additionally, training programs and equipment aren’t cheap. Many run in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Seems like funds could run out faster than Katie Ledecky can swim. The harsh reality is that aside from the big stars with endorsement deals, Olympians make very little income. That said, I’m sure when some Olympians decide to hang up their star-spangled spandex, having Olympic medalist on their resume doesn’t hurt. (Wired)

How to Lead Your Startup: Olympics Style

It’s no secret that the Olympics are all about results. Particularly ones that are gold. To ensure good results, the USA Track & Field (USATF) takes a very business-like stance on their Olympic results pipeline. Recruiting top talent, providing them with resources to succeed, and eliminating distractions to focus on competition are the main points USATF CEO, Max Siegel, focuses on. As a startup owner, focusing on these points are worthwhile and could yield results faster. Maybe not Usain Bolt faster, but then again, what is Usain Bolt fast? (Fast Company)

Hosting the Olympics should be a good thing

Acting as the host country for the Olympics is very prestigious. A golden opportunity to highlight your country’s culture and contributions to the world. Every four years, many countries line up just for an opportunity to be considered the host country, let alone actually secure hosting duties. Aside from the exposure, countries value the potential economic boom hosting a global event will bring to their economy. However, recent hosts have seen more of an economic bust than boom. The folks over at Wired have some ideas on how to turn this around. (Wired)

Medal Winning Research

Academic research and sports are two things that aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence. However, over the past several Olympic games there has been a boom of research publications. Researchers have been curious about many things surrounding the games. Topics publicized range from traffic patterns and air pollution to genetics and athletic preparation. Scientific American has some outstanding findings surrounding, well other people’s findings. Definitely worth a look.  (Scientific American)

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